March 30, 2023

Sp. Espinho’s work for SAD in “replacement” of suspended Vilafranquense – District Column

Work until the end of the year at the municipal stadium is not guaranteed

• Photo: Municipality of Espiniou

The president of the board of directors of Sporting Clube de Espinho, Bernardo Gomes de Almeida, protested last Monday in the Municipal Assembly against the position of the Municipal Council, which “does not guarantee the completion of the work on the new municipal stadium by the end of this year” .

The president of the tigers, who compete in the AF Aveiro region, confronted the city government, in a public meeting, about the progress of the work on the municipal stadium, he asked for explanations and public commitment and received, as he said, “contradictory information” provided by the mayor Maria Manuel Cruz and his chief of staff Nuno Cardoso.

According to Bernardo Gomes de Almeida, the mayor of Espinho had stated, in a meeting at the beginning of the week, that “the work on the municipal stadium will go ahead, according to a schedule that shows the end of the work for September. 2023″ and that he could “verify There was only a small delay in the work due to a technical study” in the meantime commissioned by the Council. However, conflicting information was conveyed by the head of the City Hall’s cabinet, Nuno Cardoso, in his statements to the president of Sp. de Espinho, who told him that “there is no money, there is an unsolved problem of financial allocation for the construction of the stadium, which likely to require a new public tender with a new budget, for the completion of the municipal stage”.

The direction of the people of Espinio, looking forward to the establishment of SAD Sp. Espinho, in view of the legal replacement of Vilafranquense SAD and thus will be able to compete in the Sabseg League or the Bwin League next season, in case the Ribatejos are promoted, sees this position, which is not yet official from the Municipal Council, financial inability to support the upcoming construction of the new municipal stadium, which hindered and damaged his claim.

For this reason, President Bernardo Gomes de Almeida has called for tomorrow (March 9), at 21.30, at the headquarters of the Parish Council of the city, a clarifying meeting for the members of the association on this matter, given that in the opinion of the President ” What is happening is obviously serious and must have consequences.”

Meanwhile, the president Maria Manuel Cruz promised the municipal assembly “to give explanations in the appropriate place”, indicating “next week”, about this whole problem, that is, whether or not he will support the continuation of the construction of the stadium. The municipality announced today an audit of the project which should be completed in three months.

in contact from Recordthe EDE of Vilafranquense did not want to make any comment because it is a question that concerns Sp. Agathi.

By Rui Giro


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