March 29, 2023

Sony says it has “no way to protect itself” if it loses access to Call of Duty

One of the main opponents of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, sony had part of its arguments against the deal set out by the CMA. In a series of documents released by the regulator, The company claims that “there is no way to protect yourself” if you lose access to Call of Duty franchise games.

SIE’s recent development experience in shooters/battle royale games is limited and their current flagship shooter franchise is significantly less influential than Call of Duty“, said company representatives. He also explains that Destiny 2, despite being popular, recorded only small percentages of playtime and spend compared to Activision’s 2021 lineup.

In other words, the PlayStation owner argues that if Call of Duty is no longer available for its consoles, This can significantly affect your popularity and income.. Microsoft has repeatedly maintained that it has no plans to limit the series to Xbox platforms and that it is willing to enter into a legal agreement to bring it to Sony’s consoles for at least a decade.

Creating a competitor for COD would be an unlikely undertaking.

In the documents filed by the Japanese company, it reinforces some of the CMA’s own positions, stating that “Few franchises are as durable and important in terms of revenue and playtime on PlayStation“. She claims it herself any attempt to create a competitor capable of competing with the FPS series would have “a small chance of success“.

Sony’s documents also state that games such as God of War: Ragnarök, the “larger first-party titlethroughout its history, it had production costs “tiny compared to Call of Duty”. The company also presented a series of data that was withheld from the public to show this the cost of its latest projects is much lower than that of Activisionwhich will invest approx. $300 million a year in the shooting franchise.

In addition to CMA, Microsoft still faces hurdles imposed by two other major regulatory agencies for your purchase proposal to be approved. In addition to having to convince the North American FTC that the deal won’t harm the balance of the gaming world, it will have to do the same with members of the European Commission.


The argument is being used by the company to prevent Activision from merging with Microsoft

Source: Eurogamer

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