Sony has been accused of lying to European regulators

Microsoft’s communications chief claims Sony lied to regulators

The soap opera surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard gained another chapter last week. Frank X. Shaw, chief communications officer for the company founded by Bill Gates, said in a Twitter post that Sony would lie to regulators in Europe about the North American company’s stance after the takeover.

Contrary to everything that has come to light in recent weeks, Sony will spread the word that Microsoft wouldn’t be interested in bringing equity to Call of Duty if the merger goes through. However, the Japanese company would have already rejected the US company’s proposal, apart from its refusal to open dialogue on another occasion.

“I’m hearing that Sony is letting people in Brussels know that Microsoft is not willing to give Call of Duty a foothold if we buy Activision. It couldn’t be further from the truth,” Frank X. Shaw said in a post that happened on Twitter last year. Friday (27).

The bid was rejected and Sony is leading CoD

Microsoft’s chief communications officer took the opportunity to exactly repeat the company’s decade-old offering. Similar action was taken by the North Americans with other giants in the gaming industry. In this case, they also made a similar suggestion for Nintendo, pointing to the arrival of Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

“We’ve made it clear that we’ve offered Sony a 10-year contract to give them parity in time, content, features, quality, playability and every other aspect of the game. We’ve also said we’re happy to make that enforceable through a contract, regulatory agreements or other means,” the executive said.

Sony has the highest percentage of Call of Duty players, according to recent figures released by the company. Therefore, Microsoft rightly points out that it would not make sense to deprive PlayStation players of access to one of the most successful franchises of all time in the gaming industry.

“Sony is the console market leader and it would defy business logic to exclude PlayStation players from the Call of Duty ecosystem. Our goal is to bring Call of Duty and other games – as we did with Minecraft – to more people around the world to play them wherever and however they want,” he concluded.

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