Six out of 10 Brazilians say they are satisfied with their sex life the behavior

Life as a couple can be both challenging and enjoyable. A recent global survey, Love satisfaction from life, shows that 60% of Brazilians are satisfied with love and sex. In addition to being significant, the index is close to the global satisfaction rate of 63%

The research, designed for Valentine’s Day, was conducted by the Ipsos company, specialized in market research. About 22,500 people from 32 countries, aged between 16 and 74, took part in the survey. Of this total, one thousand were Brazilian.

The study was conducted between December 2022 and January 2023, through online platforms. In addition to being asked about their love and sex lives, the volunteers answered how much they felt loved and satisfied by their partners or spouses.

When it comes to sex life, six out of 10 Brazilians said they were satisfied. But the country ranks 22nd overall. China was in first place, with 79%, followed by Indonesia and Thailand, both with 75% of people happy with their sex routine.

The most dissatisfied were the Japanese, with only 34% saying they were doing well with their sex life. South Koreans (44%) and Swedes (55%) are still in the last places.

Sex life satisfaction rate among the 32 countries analyzed — Photo: Reproduction/Love Life Satisfaction/Ipsos

In more specific cutouts, the satisfaction rate for both sexes is 63%, and married people are also the happiest with their sex lives, with 75% approval. In terms of generations, so-called millennials — born between 1981 and 1995 — are 68% satisfied.

When asked if they feel loved, 72% of Brazilians say yes, ranking 25th. The top three consists of the Netherlands in first place, with 90% approval, followed by Indonesia (87%) and Argentina (84%).

Once again Japan is at the bottom, with only 49% of respondents feeling loved. South Korea is next to last, with 53%, followed by Belgium, with 64%. The global average is 76%.

Global ranking of how loved people feel — Photo: Playback/Love Life Satisfaction/Ipsos

Men feel more loved than women, but the difference is only 1%. While among them the average is 76%, among them it is 75%. In terms of generations, this time the boomer born between 1945 and 1964 — lead the way.

Finally, the rate of satisfaction of Brazilians with a partner is 78%. Even with a high index, the country is in the top 5 of lowest rates. Behind Brazil are Germany, Italy, South Korea and finally Japan.

Satisfaction with your partner — Photo: Reproduction/Love Life Satisfaction/Ipsos

Topping the rankings are Indonesia and the Netherlands, both with 94% satisfaction. Thailand and Malaysia, with 90%, complete the podium.

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