Shower gel, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid and sanitary napkins among the sharpest price increases: the hygiene and cleaning basket rises to more than €100

And watch out for deals on these products

It’s not just food that has skyrocketed in terms of supermarket shopping – hygiene products have also not escaped the price hikes recorded since the start of the war. Today, according to an analysis by Deco Proteste, shower gel is 1.89 euros more expensive, toilet paper is 1.5 euros more expensive and dishwashing detergent has increased by 1.28 euros.

According to this study, a basket of ten personal hygiene products, such as deodorant or shampoo, and 12 cleaning products, such as laundry detergent or window cleaner, represents an expenditure of €100.28. A year ago, the same set of products cost 88.12 euros – 12.16 euros less.

In this basket, it was even the price of shower gel (46.54% increase), toilet paper (35.01% cost) and sanitary napkins (20.19% increase) that represent the biggest expenditure. Since last year the prices of the first two have increased by almost €2 a pack and only toothpaste is cheaper, costing 31 cents less than last February.

Courtesy of Deco Protest

As far as personal hygiene products are concerned, they represent an expenditure of 39.46 euros. A year ago, this expenditure would have been on average 33.43 euros, minus 18.03%. Cleaning products now cost 60.82 euros, 6.14 euros more than they cost on the eve of the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

By the way, if we analyze only the price of dishwasher detergent, we see that it has increased by 53.31% and now costs 1.28 euros more than a year ago. Kitchen towels and toilet cleaner also saw increases of more than 30%.

On the other hand, furniture spray cleaner and sanitary abrasive are the only prices that fell during the same period.

Courtesy of Deco Protest

Overall, since November 23, 2022, this basket has almost always cost more than €100 on all Wednesdays analyzed since then, and the price did not rise to this level on January 4 and 11, 2023. “The highest price was reached on November 30, 2022 , when the basket of personal hygiene and cleaning products cost 103.38 euros, 15.26 euros more than it cost on February 23 of the same year, an increase of 17.32%”, says an official source of Deco Proteste, in a statement that was sent. on CNN Portugal.

The same organization emphasizes that consumers should pay attention to the offers of these hygiene and cleaning products and leaves two tips:

  • Do not let the detergents run out. Follow the prices in the brochures to decide the best time to buy them.
  • If the price is really lower than usual, you may be tempted to buy more than one package, but keep in mind that there are products, such as laundry detergents, that have ingredients that lose their effectiveness over time and for which we do not advise you to buy packages with more doses than you expect to spend in a maximum period of three months.

Although the increases in these products are above inflation, they are still lower than those recorded in the food shopping tariff, which, looking at a basket of staples created by Deco over the same period, has seen their prices soar. This week, March 15, this food basket cost €234.84, a 27.89% increase compared to February 23, 2022.

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