March 29, 2023

Shark-attacked teens undergo psychological therapy to recover from trauma, doctor says | Pernambuco

Teenagers attacked by shark undergo psychological treatment, doctor says

The two teenagers who were attacked by a shark two days in a row are undergoing psychological treatment to recover from the trauma. This statement is made by the director of the Hospital da Restauração (HR), in the center of Recife, Petrus de Andrade Lima. The two young men are in a stable condition, but there is no provision yet for discharge from the hospital, according to the doctor. (see video above).

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Facade of Hospital da Restauração, Derby, downtown Recife — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

According to the HR manager, the two teenagers each underwent surgery. In the boy’s case, it was when the mutilation took place. As for Kaylane, she underwent injury rehabilitation where part of her hand was amputated.

“From now on, rehabilitation will be done both in bandages and in physical and psychological rehabilitation. Every victim of such an incident obviously needs psychological support. The hospital team is already doing this, but of course after discharge, they will need to continue with this kind of monitoring,” the doctor said.

Understand why shark attacks are more common on the beaches of Pernambuco

Young people are also treated with antibiotics to prevent infections. “At this point neither of them is showing clear signs of infection, but it is obvious that any animal bite, whether terrestrial or marine, has a risk of infection,” the doctor explained.

Hospital da Restauração is a benchmark in trauma and orthopedic care. The surfer who was attacked in Olinda was hospitalized there for ten days. The two teenagers, according to the HY, are being treated at the unit’s infirmary, in the same ward.

The attacks brought the number of shark incidents in Pernambuco state to 77, with 67 on the mainland and another ten in Fernando de Noronha. The count began in 1992, when the first case was recorded in the state. Since then there have been 26 deaths in such incidents.

However, according to Petrus de Andrade Lima, every patient who arrives at the hospital as a victim of a shark incident has a very specific injury.

When there is great loss of muscle or too extensive an injury to the blood vessels, the limb needs amputation.

“Some shark victims arrive with already amputated limbs. Then, in this situation, only the stump, the limb that was amputated, is fixed,” he explained.

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