Sexual Abuse in the Church: The Beginning of the End of Darkness | Editorial

The most arduous task the Commission to Study Child Sexual Abuse in the Church had on its hands was convincing the country that the silence of confessors, monasteries and archives would not be protected. That the truth would be revealed as much as possible. That the consensus of the highest spheres of Catholic institutions will be abolished. That, in short, there would finally be a glimmer of light, truth and justice not only to point out the criminals, but also to relieve some of the human pain of the victims.

The Commission led by Pedro Strecht was able to overcome the challenges. And it only succeeded because the Church finally realized that the long reign based on authority that tolerates abuse and complicit silence is over. The events and the brutality with which they were exposed to a series of high officials of the Church reveal at the same time the commitment, courage and consent of the bishops. The world changed this Monday morning.

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