Self-consumption solar kit without the need for work and installation in 2 minutes

Self-consumption solar PV kits are one of the pieces of equipment that are attracting the most interest today, especially those that can be installed without the need to hire skilled technicians.

Sunology Play solar self-consumption kit

Sunology has Plug & Play self-consumption solar kits such as Kit Sunology Play which is based on a quick and easy installation system that allows you to reduce your electricity bill practically immediately.

The company has extensive experience in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, having already equipped more than 60,000 homes with its rapid installation solar systems.

Sunology continues to expand its horizons in this promising area, where it sees the massification of solar self-consumption kits as possible, allowing everyone to have instant access to their own power generation systems, in which it only takes a few minutes to connect the devices . self-consumption kit.

The Sunology Play Solar Photovoltaic System is presented as a perfect solution for all those people who want to start generating electricity at home and who have no technical knowledge.

This self-consumption kit requires no work and is an economical solution for those who do not want to install solar panels on the roof.

Designed in France, the Sunology Play is a small solar station and is characterized by easy installation and adaptation for both owners and tenants, as it requires no labor and allows the self-consumption kit to be transported to other locations.

The system is sold in KIT form, ready to be installed and plugged in and will start generating electricity immediately.

How does the Sunology Play solar self-consumption kit work?

Solar Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Kit Sunology Play
Solar Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Kit Sunology Play

The installation of the photovoltaic solar panel allows, during the day and in the presence of sunlight, the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, which is sent directly to the residential electrical circuit by plugging the system into an outlet.

Sunology Play works with mains compatibility and electricity generation takes priority over mains power, so only mains power is used if needed.

The big advantage of this system is that it is really simple and quick to install and, according to the manufacturer, it has a 25-year warranty (80% capacity).

According to the calculations of the manufacturing company Sunology, this self-consumption solar kit normally pays for itself over a period of 4 to 6 years, a factor that obviously depends on the type of consumption of each home.

The manufacturer also announces that the solar plant allows an average reduction of 17% compared to the usual electricity bill (excluding the prices referred to heating).

What you need to know about photovoltaic self-consumption

The solar panel uses PERC monocrystalline solar cells and converts 20.7% of sunlight into electricity. Sunology Play power is 400 kWh.

The power of 400 kWh makes it possible to simultaneously power, for example, about 10 LED light points (120 kWh), a refrigerator (150 kWh), a laptop (50 kWh), an LED TV (60 kWh) without the need for wasting energy from the electricity grid.

It is possible to combine several Sunology Play kits to obtain power adapted to the needs of each type of consumption.

Solar Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Kit Sunology Play
Solar Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Kit Sunology Play

Its “total black” design is elegant and its performance places the Sunology Play in the high performance category. The icing on the cake lies in the fact that this solar panel has an exemplary ecological history combined with unmistakable robustness.

What is the price of the Sunology Play kit?

The price of the Sunology Play self-consumption solar system is around 750 euros per piece of equipment and it is possible to add several kits to increase its electricity production capacity. Get more information from the manufacturer.

Video – Sonology Play Solar KIT Pickup and Installation

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