March 30, 2023

See the accessory worn by Kate Middleton in honor of Queen Elizabeth – Metro World News Brasil

Kate Middleton paid discreet tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

This week, the 41-year-old Princess of Wales hosted an event at Windsor Castle with early childhood experts. Princess Kate wore a stylish bespoke blazer from one of her favorite designers, Alexander McQueen, but it was her accessories that caught the eye – specifically, her pearl earrings.

Kate was wearing the earrings Faux-Pearl Curb-Chain by Simone Rocha. According PureWow, jewelry expert Stephen Stone, Royal Pearl Earrings paid tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth. He said: “Since the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II, the royal ladies have worn pearls as a sweet tribute to the late monarch, who fell in love with pearl jewelery as a child and wore it regularly throughout her life – including a pearl necklace. which she received from her father, King George VI, for his coronation in 1937.”

This is not the first time Princess Katarina has worn Simone Rocha earrings. In fact, she debuted them in October 2020 while filming a video for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. So, he used the accessory again in 2021 when he participated in Wimbledon.

Kate Middleton announces upcoming project with new Instagram video and rare open letter

A new video was posted on the official account of the Prince and Princess of Wales, showing a pair of hands flipping through a photo album. It was none other than Kate Middleton wearing the famous diamond that belonged to Princess Diana.

Kate showed off the new project she is part of Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood. The caption of the post read: “Our early childhood shapes the rest of our lives. #ShapingUs – coming soon with The Center for Early Childhood.” Watch the video below.

During the video, we see Kate flipping through a book filled with photos of families, children and more. On the first page we see her writing: “What shapes us?” So at the end we see her holding up a picture of a young girl and underneath she says, “Our early childhood shapes the adults we become.”

After this post was shared, the Princess of Wales published a letter on the Early Childhood Center website, where she went into more detail.

“This week, I am pleased to reveal that the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood will launch a major new awareness campaign highlighting the critical importance the first five years of our lives play in shaping the adults we become.” He added: “…as a society, we are currently spending far more time and energy on old age. I am absolutely determined that this long-term campaign will change that.”

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