March 30, 2023

See stylish and comfortable sneakers for Carnival – CLAUDIA

Not to get off your feet! Who never went to the block with a shoe uncomfortable and decided to be barefoot to throw the first stone. Carnival requires dancing, running and happiness, which is only possible when we prioritize comfort. If you want to enjoy the party from start to finish, it is best to choose tennis stylish and comfortable. Come see how to choose and some models that we separate for you.

tennis material

First of all, the fashion consultant Bruna Guidro explains that in order not to make a mistake when buying one shoeit is necessary to evaluate the material, the type of sole and its base. “Shoes made with Foam and rubber are the most comfortable because of the flexibility they provide,” he points out. Currently, the footwear market has sought to innovate technologies to provide even more comfort, according to her, so it’s worth staying tuned.

Pay attention to the tread

All of our body weight is taken by the foot, so it’s important to take this into account when shopping. “Each one has a specific feature, like the one made for racing, which usually has shock absorbers.”

For Carnival, synthetic soles, which they absorb floor impacts and are light to walk on, while softer and more flexible tires are recommended.


Your pitch type cannot be left aside. But how to find out? “There are quick tests where you get your foot wet and step on a sheet of newspaper. In this you will be able to recognize whether the step is neutral, pronated or assumed”, he clarifies. The design is strongest in the first. in the second, it is flatter; markings highlight the heel and toe on the latter.

Comfortable sneaker models for Carnival

all star

The incredible sole, thanks to the rubber, brings the comfort we are looking for, which is why it is recommended by the consultant. “Its different themes and colors lead to style and fun in the look,” he explains.

high on high

Converse Run Star Hike Hi Sneakers


“The classic and favorite trucks also has the recommended more comfortable version. THE model old school over comfi cush developed with the aim of one more comfortable, using foam and rubber, in addition to its own technology to make tennis light”.


Vans Wm Range Trainers

But if you can’t find it, that’s okay: go for larger, step-friendly, less-painful soles like the one below:

air Force

THE Win The Air Force is another of its recommendations. “His style is completely timeless, so it really complements both glitter-filled looks for it carnival, as well as a social bringing a style Hello for post-party work”, he concludes. Check out three of his models:


Nike Air Force 1 Women’s Shoes PLT.AF.ORM


Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Women’s Shoes

Green and blue

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Women’s Shoes

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