March 28, 2023

Sangue Oculto Synopsis: Pedro and Tiago get into a fight on the beach

At the beach, Tiago tells Pedro that he let things go too far with Maria. The doctor replies that he doesn’t need to give her reasons because he has already talked to her. From afar, Maria watches their interaction, which becomes increasingly tense. Carolina’s friend grabs Rementio’s son to force him to talk to him, but Pedro breaks free. The two get involved in the crash and a wave passes over them. Maria gets upset and runs to them.

Maria, Thiago and Pedro enter the Barr T to discuss. Almeno asks them to explain clearly what happened and Thiago says that Pedro made out with Maria while Benedita was away and now that the twins are back, he has kicked her. Carolina walks into the facility and says that their conversation can be heard from the street. When she realizes what’s going on, she takes Thiago to the studio.

Vanda and Teresa continue to face each other and the doctor asks where Olavo is, if he’s trapped among the onions and leeks. The twins’ mother replies that it’s not like her, if Olavo is with her, it’s because he wants to be. The villain raises her hand to hit the protagonist, but the diplomat holds her hand and tells her that he always made it clear that the marriage was over and that he and Teresa are together.

Carolina snaps at her boyfriend and tells him that Maria is old enough to deal with her own stretch marks. Thiago tries to defend himself, saying that Pedro doesn’t know what he wants, and his girlfriend asks him if he’s jealous of Benedita. The bar owner replies no, he’s just worried about his sister.

Vanda comes from the mini market to the park reception, furious, and Teresa and Olavo follow her. The doctor tries to convince her husband to go home with her, saying that they had a happy life and now he just wants to change things up and do some flips with Teresa. The twins’ mother is furious and Olavo has to grab her so she doesn’t throw herself at Vanda.

Guilherme arrives at the hospital bar and Dália serves him. The paramedic wants to know why Bárbara isn’t working and Dália tells him that she was attacked and spent the night bound and gagged in the locker room. Alberto’s son does not listen to everything until the end and runs away.

Barbara is telling Lydia and some nurses what happened when Guillermo runs up and starts examining her. The girl confesses that Nelson thinks it was Carmo’s finger. Guilherme ends up leaving and Lídia notices that he was very worried.

Patricia enters the exam room, where Vasco is examining Fabio. He still has a lot of pain in his side, though he tries to hide it so he doesn’t look weak in front of Patricia. She invites him to lunch and he tries to refuse, but Vasco says that for everything to heal he must eat well.

Vanda walks into the hospital, dejected and lost in thought. She is almost hit by a stretcher that the nurses are carrying down the hall at high speed. It’s a cry from Guillermo that wakes her up, and the doctor at the last minute walks away from the garage.

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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