March 30, 2023

“Sangue Oculto” Synopsis: Nelson discovers Barbara has been sleeping with Guillermo

Bárbara arrives at Apolinario’s house and sees that Sílvia, Maria and Mário have prepared a party for her. Nelson’s mother tells him that they are still her family and that she doesn’t have to suffer alone. The girl is very moved by the gesture of the three.

Rosa goes to Remédios and Pedro’s house and says she has to take measurements around bungalow about the projects Nana wants to do in the park. Mother and son are curious, especially when he starts opening the drawers. As Rosa approaches the coat of arms hiding place, Rementios becomes more nervous and sends a message to Almeno, saying that there is someone infiltrating the house.

Cesar asks his son if he is sure he doesn’t love Barbara anymore. Nelson says he doesn’t know, but he couldn’t marry her with that doubt. The doctor says he’s heard of Julia, but the son says there’s nothing between them. Her father replies that from what he knows about her, it seems like they weren’t meant for each other.

Rosa is getting closer and closer to the crest and Remedios is already sweating from her moustache, with her nerves. When Rosa is about to reach the crest, Almeno enters with everyone’s plants bungalow. Tiago’s uncle tells him that he has everything he needs there and that he could have asked him before he went around bothering the residents. Rosa still tries to argue, but he doesn’t give her a chance and throws her out of the house.

Rosa goes to the campsite reception and says that the mission failed because Almeno showed up there with his plants bungalow. Rosa and Henrique think it best to abandon the mission, but Naná gets angry and kicks them out.

Bárbara and Sílvia sing in karaoke and Mário walks around Maria, inviting her to go see his evidence motocross from him. The girl tries to divert the conversation and is saved by her mother’s phone call, who asks where she is.

Bárbara and Sílvia choose another song and Maria tells her mother that she is going to meet her. The girl leaves the kitchen and tells her cousin that she has to go to the bar, because Tiago asked her and he will be right back. Already moved by the alcohol, Bárbara says she will call Tiago because she has no right to steal her guests.

Vanda and Olavo return from the theater. The diplomat says he’ll go up himself, but the doctor insists and starts trying to unbutton his shirt. The twins’ father continues to reject her and tells her not to persist. Ending the conversation is Benedita, who says her father has already said no and asks what part her mother doesn’t understand.

Maria goes to see her mother at the park reception and she asks her to go to Pedro’s house to see if the coat of arms is there. The young woman thinks they wouldn’t have hidden something so bad, but Naná says that Remédios is just a suspect. Maria relents and says she will go there. Missing her daughter, dodoka hugs her. Maria leaves and Thiago appears.

Barbara can’t take it anymore and tells her mother-in-law that Guilherme suggested they have an affair. Silvia is surprised and asks if the doctor asked her out on a date with him. Unbeknownst to them, Nelson entered the house and heard what Barbara was saying. Shocked, he asks his ex-fiancée if she’s still going.

Tiago tells Nana not to make fun of him, because he knows he called Maria and the girl used him as an excuse. Dodoka panics when he asks if she should go to the police. Threatening, the bar owner tells her that Maria is not her daughter and that he had warned her that he would report her if she did not leave. Maria, who had gone back, hears everything and confronts her brother.

Nelson confronts Barbara, saying that she was in trouble for ending the marriage and she is already moving on. Sílvia and Mário defend Barbara, thinking he has no business making excuses when he left his bride hanging at the altar. PC says she just wants to be happy, but warns her that Guilherme is a womanizer. Silvia loses her temper and throws her son out of the house threatening to beat him.

Teresa is watching TV when Tadeu walks up to her and says he knows she’s suffering because of Olavo. Her daughter asks her not to hate him, but she can’t say more than that. Tadeu only asks her not to let it get her down like it did thirty years ago.

The next day, Barbara is in the hospital bar trying to keep busy. Dahlia thinks she should have stayed home instead of going straight to work. Guilherme appears and Bárbara tries to escape him, even with the paramedic asking him to talk. The ex-fiancée asks Dahlia to stay at the bar and he chases after her.

In the hallway, Barbara tries to catch her breath while Guillermo asks if she’s scared. The girl of course says no, but she can’t hide the anxiety and nervousness she feels. The doctor asks Barbara if she wants to be happy, and the elevator doors open, with the two of them entering.

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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