March 30, 2023

“Sangue Oculto” Synopsis: Benedita tries to escape from the mental institution

Medicines are in Barr T with Becky talking about Pedro and Maria’s dinner, but Quim’s partner is lost in her thoughts and can’t even hear her very well. Just then, Sílvia runs in and says that Almeno is locked in the parking lot and has something to do with Remédios.

Pedro and Maria have just finished dinner. The girl seems interested in him and says they even made a cute couple. She then tries to kiss him, but his son Remedios backs off saying they are just friends. Mary is embarrassed.

Almeno wears a beret like painters wear and has one “work of art” covered with cloth. There is champagne and some campers are already waiting, including Quim and Tadeu. Once Sílvia and Remédios arrive, Tiago’s uncle presents the artwork and when he reveals the works, everyone sees pictures of Remédios stealing the underwear of clothes.

Carolina has fallen asleep at her desk and Teresa is going to help her to bed. When he puts her to bed, he sees that his daughter has a chart of all the steps the police have taken since the attack in Ibiza, hoping to find some clues that will lead them to Benedita.

Nana arrives home from London to find her bags at the door. She begins to tell Carmo that they might as well hire another maid because Rosa doesn’t know how to get along. At that moment, Carmo asks her friend if she thought she wasn’t going to find out that she was having an affair with João. Patricia’s mother asks Rosa to take Nana out of the house, and while Rosa puts her bags on the street, Dodoka runs after Carmo.

Nana enters the office and asks him to forgive her for everything. Carmo likes to see her humiliate herself, but she doesn’t back down and asks Rosa to take her. The maid drags Nana outside and Karmo tries to hide her emotion.

The room where Benedita was hospitalized is empty and in its place are pillows that make bulk.

Vanda, Olavo and Teresa argue because they have reached an impasse. Teresa accuses Vanda of making them wait and wasting their time. Vanda defends herself, saying that at least it was a plan, without it, they wouldn’t even know where to start. At the top of the stairs Julia appears crying saying that she feels very guilty for their suffering since she is sure she was the target of the attack.

Benedita already has her hand on the clinic’s exit door, ready to escape, when she feels a hand on top of hers. Joao is the one who asks her where she thinks she is going. The twins are shocked to see him and, from afar, Guilherme watches everything.

Guillermo calls Julia and explains that the person holding Benedita captive is Joao. The paramedic says he saw him drag Benedita back into the room when she was about to escape. Julia tells Guillermo not to do anything. His friend asks him to stop his scheming, but DJ promises him that he won’t let anyone touch Benedita.

Vanda is alone in the living room of the house, and Paula asks her how many people she is cooking lunch for, saying that she can leave the meal for Olavos in the oven. Vanda loses control and says that she will leave nothing to her husband because he chose to support Teresa, instead of supporting her.

Thiago takes a picture with Maria to send to the group chat of the family and the young woman takes the opportunity to call Nana, who does not answer her. Tiago is rude and says that maybe the dodoka doesn’t want to talk to her. Maria gets irritated and asks him not to try to take her life before meeting him.

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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