Salvador discovers that Eduardo is hiding Leonor

Ever since Catarina left the farm, Caetana never had time to rest with her children. Increasingly restless, Salvador and Lorenzo always do their own thing and will get into new problems. So the former ends up hiding in his grandfather’s car and goes with him… to the mill. Therefore, in “Flor Sem Tempo”: Salvador discovers that Eduardo is hiding Leonor.

Caetana enters the room, pulling Salvador by the arm, and tells Vitoria that he threw a rock at a colleague. The mother is shocked by her grandson’s behavior while saying that his colleague was just slow, he couldn’t avoid the time. Annoyed, Caetana doesn’t know what to do anymore, the kids will drive her crazy. Vitoria feels sorry for her daughter and promises her that they will find a new nanny.

In the evening, while the Torres family is having dinner, Caetana argues with Salvador and Fernando calls his grandson to look after him, telling him that he should not be rude to his mother. Vitória comments that she is going to travel with Eduardo and, embarrassed, smiles and asks for Luís Maria. But he gets nervous when Maddalena tells him she won’t be coming to dinner because she had to finish a report. Salvador and Lorenzo make it, and Vasco takes his nephews, much to his sister’s relief.

Then, in the kitchen, Caetana tells Salvador that after school he will go with her to the pharmacy to study and do her homework. Lorenzo makes fun of his brother and the two end up fighting. Caetana no longer has the energy to separate them, but Natália, who appears, separates the boys and promises them a beating if they don’t behave. Eduardo leaves and the grandchildren follow him down the street.

Salvador follows the grandfather

Later, Vasco’s father just entered the mill with two large bags full of groceries. Leonor asks him why he brought so many things and Eduardo lies, claiming he will have to leave the country for work. Already desperate, the lover tells him that he cannot go two or three days without speaking to anyone. But Eduardo promises that he will try to postpone the trip and that if he fails, it will be the first and last time it happens. Leonor cries, she doesn’t want to be isolated there, but her lover doesn’t know what to say to her because he can’t even escape his commitments to Vitoria.

Outside the mill, before Eduardo leaves, we see that Salvador got into his grandfather’s car and drove there with him. The boy gets out of the car and Vasko’s father comes, without seeing him, and walks away. Salvador goes to the mill and starts throwing small stones at the door of the mill. Leonor hears the noise and starts screaming for help. Salvador is stunned and doesn’t know what to do, but he realizes that something is wrong.

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