Russia accuses the US of destroying the nuclear disarmament treaty

A State Department spokesman charged on Tuesday that Russia is not fulfilling “its obligation under the Treaty News Start. [novo começo] to facilitate inspection activities in its territory’.

“We see that the United States has effectively destroyed the legal framework for nuclear weapons control and security,” Kremlin spokesman (Russian Presidency) Dmitry Peskov responded today.

Faced with a “sad situation”, Peskov added that Russia “believes that the preservation of this treaty is very important”, according to the French news agency AFP.

Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, also deplored the United States’ actions, which he said undermined the deal’s goal, which is to “maintain the balance of the parties’ strategic offensive weapons.”

“Washington refuses to see the root causes of the problem, blaming others,” Antonov said in a statement posted on the social network Facebook.

Antonov said Russia “warned that arms control [nucleares] it cannot be isolated from geopolitical realities.”

“Under the current circumstances, we consider it unjustified, inappropriate and inappropriate to invite the US military to our strategic facilities,” he added, referring to the war against Ukraine launched by Russia almost a year ago.

US diplomacy has criticized Moscow in recent weeks for suspending inspections and canceling treaty talks.

However, he did not accuse Russia of expanding its nuclear arsenal beyond the limits agreed upon by the two sides.

Last year, Russia announced the postponement of a meeting with the United States, scheduled for late November, on inspections under the treaty, accusing Washington of “hostility and toxicity.”

The last meeting of the bilateral advisory committee provided for in the treaty dates from October 2021.

Relations between the two nuclear powers are at their lowest level since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

The United States, as well as its main allies, has supported Ukraine financially and with arms shipments.

Russia has warned that supplying Ukraine with arms represents an escalation of the conflict that could lead to the country feeling threatened and having to defend itself with all means, including nuclear weapons.

In a letter published last week, the heads of several US congressional committees said Russia’s actions and statements “raise, at the very least, serious concerns about its compliance with New Start.”

The treaty signed in 2010 limits the two countries’ arsenals to a maximum of 1,550 warheads held by each party, a reduction of about 30 percent compared to the previous limit set in 2002.

Also fixes up to 800 the maximum number of launcher and heavy bomber levels.

Shortly after his election in January 2021, US President Joe Biden extended the treaty for five years, until 2026.

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