March 28, 2023

Rihanna shows off nine-month-old son on Vogue cover, but won’t reveal name | celebrities

Days after announcing her second pregnancy, Rihanna continues to surprise. This time, she appears on the cover of the British edition of the magazine fashion, along with her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, and their nine-month-old son. The singer opens up about the challenges of motherhood and how she manages to balance her routine between a baby and a laundry list of professional accomplishments. There’s only one thing that’s not being shared and remains a mystery, much to the chagrin of fans: what’s the boy’s name?

During her pregnancy, the Barbadian singer was often in the news for being irreverent in what she wore and for not holding back on being bold. But after becoming a mother, Rihanna adopted a more discreet attitude and even describes the first few months as a roller coaster. The birth was “beautiful”, albeit painful, but the real shock came when she got home: “It was just us, as parents, and our baby. Is zombie most of the time.”

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