March 29, 2023

Revealing messages sent by Luciana Abreu to Yannick Djaló: “Until today he never answered…”

This Friday, March 10, another “Manhã CM” aired, a morning program on CMTV, run by Duarte Ciopa alone, since his professional colleague, Ágata Rodrigues, is on vacation.

In today’s usual “Celebrity News” headline, Filipa Castro, Léo Caeiro and Diogo Carmona commented on the latest events between the parental “war” between Luciana Abreu and Yannick Djaló and that’s when Léo Caeiro decided to reveal new developments.

The commentator revealed that he got in touch with Luciana Abreu but also with his lawyer, António Leitão, who clarified to him about the “meeting” of the former couple that was scheduled for the following May 4. “They were both notified to appear before the Court, all for alimony. Since Yannick Djaló’s assets were frozen and sold, his current situation is complicated (…) in terms of assets, he shouldn’t even appear on the scheduled date“, he began referring to Léo Caeiro, citing what the actress’ lawyer told him.

Léo Caeiro also shared that the goal will be “Luciana Abreu will receive the amounts that Yannick was ordered to pay” and that he “never forbade Yannick to see his daughters.” “Legally, Luciana cannot ban Yannick [de ver as filhas], even if he didn’t pay alimony. When the press says ‘Luciana forbids Yannick to see his daughters’, that’s not true, Luciana never forbade it, Yannick was the one who was never receptive to seeing his daughters.”

“Here, the default person is not Luciana”

In this regard, the commentator of “Manhã CM” decided to share the messages he had access to, in which Luciana Abreu tries to get the father of her older daughters to visit them: “I saw messages sent to him, in which he asked for rapprochement between the daughters, in fact I can quote here: “Yannick, as our lawyers said, who have already spoken, the psychologist believes that Lyonce is already prepared for rapprochement with the father. Lyannii doesn’t want to, she remembers that her father went to school to say goodbye to her sister and didn’t visit her.” Yannick’s response to date… nothing”Léo Caeiro said, drawing out the words.

The youngster also shared another message from Luciana Abreu, in which she suggested that Yannick Djaló contact his daughters’ governess to be with them, revealing that the former player did not respond to that either: “She sent him the contact and said, ‘you don’t want to talk to me, you can start arranging visits with this person,’ and Yannick never responded.”shared yet.

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