March 29, 2023

Research reveals players’ preference between first and third person

QuanticFoundry polled over 1 million players to find their favorite style

A survey conducted by QuanticFoundry and released last week showed gamers’ preference between first-person and third-person games. In recent years, the gaming industry has a huge variety of games with both styles of mechanics that were considered successful by the public.

However, would you know which one is the players’ favorite? QuanticFoundry polled over 1.2 million users to try to find an answer. The result showed a huge balance of audience, in addition to showing that there are several factors that can influence the choice of a first-person or third-person game.

This is because gender is one of the main points that hinder the choice of users. If in shooter games the preferred choice was first-person titles, MMORPG players showed that the preference is clearly for games that are in third person. Meanwhile, Sandbox games were the ones that showed the most balance.

Action and adventure games

  • First Person: 16.1%
  • Third person: 58.7%
  • No preference: 25.2%

Horror games

  • First Person: 44.9%
  • Third person: 26%
  • No preference: 29.1%

MMORPG games

  • First Person: 8.7%
  • Third person: 75.1%
  • No preference: 16.3%

RPG games

  • First Person: 12.6%
  • Third person: 52.3%
  • View from above: 12%
  • No preference: 23.1%

sandbox games

  • First Person: 37.9%
  • Third person: 27.3%
  • No preference: 34.8%

Shoot games

  • First Person: 82.2%
  • Third person: 4.7%
  • No preference: 13%

Age also affects the choice of players

Other research data also showed that the preference for first- or third-person games depended on age. In this way, in addition to the style of play, the age of the players directly affects the choice of vision style. Interestingly, players over 35 almost always choose third-person games.

Coincidence or not, this is usually the perspective of story games that don’t require as much player concentration as in more competitive titles, for example. Meanwhile, younger people end up choosing to play first-person titles. The age effect also varies by gender.

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