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Proposals start on February 27th and will run until March 6th. The products are varied and range from video games to cryptocurrency machines

The Federal Revenue has released a new batch of seized items for auction. This time there is a wide variety of items, including a Sony PlayStation 3, a Nintendo Wii U and, why not, Bitcoin mining machines. If you are interested, know that you can start submit your bids from February 27, 2023. Check the list of products in the following lines.

PlayStation 3 with accessories (Image: Disclosure/Sony)

For starters, batch number 54 features a few Apple gadgets worth noting. here it is AirPods in its standard version but also in the Pro model. All in large quantities. In addition, it is possible to find Apple Pencil second generationApple USB-C adapters and even a iPhone XR.

In terms of games, the same batch brings 7 units of the console nintendo wii u with accessories, unit of VR headset it is one PlayStation 3 with 120 GB of internal storage. The minimum amount for this package is R$ 20 thousand.

If you are looking for audio and video assets, then Lot 56 may attract more attention. There is one on the list ACR brand loudspeakerdiverse and varied filming equipment headphones from brands like Sony and Shure. You have to start bidding from R$30,000 if you want to get the content.

Megaphone ACR (Image: Revelation / ACR)

Bitcoin and computing objects are also highlights

It’s strange when we come across more unusual pieces like Bitcoin miners. However, that’s exactly what batch number 63 offers.

The package costs from R$ 80 thousand, but has in its contents a Antminer brand device, which is specifically used to mine the digital currency. Additionally, you can find servers and other computer equipment here. Five iPhone XR units get lost in the middle of it all.

Talking about information technology, batch 64 brings a Tesla T4 GPU it is one braille keyboard, which is rarely seen around. Coolers and processors are also present in the package, which has a minimum value of R$40,000. After all, there are over 500 products in the extensive list.

Example of a Braille keyboard (Image: Unsplash / Sigmund)

How to participate in the revenue auction

Both natural and legal persons can participate with their own offers. To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Receive a digital certificate (purchased separately).
  2. Get an access code through the e-CAC portal.
  3. Search for public notice number 0817600/000001/2023 at IRS;
  4. Please read the notice carefully.
  5. Make your offer on the lots you want.
  6. If you win, remember that you will need to withdraw the products, as the IRS does not send them. In this case, they meet at Guarulhos International Airport, in Sao Paulo.
Total production main elements Minimum price
6 Apple iPad Air 256 GB 1,000 BRL
7 Apple iPad Air fourth generation 1,000 BRL
12 kite surfing board 1,000 BRL
18 Alienware laptop 3,000 BRL
19 Cannondale mini drone and bike set 10,000 BRL
20 Parachute Saber 4,000 BRL
21 Brookstone Telescope 250 BRL
22 Guitar and pedal set with wing 1,000 BRL
54 Electronic and video game sets BRL 20,000
56 Audio and video set 30,000 BRL
60 Video projector and accessories 40,000 BRL
63 Bitcoin Miners and Equipment 80,000 BRL
64 Braille keyboard and computer accessories 40,000 BRL

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