Puma sneakers that go with all spring dresses are €35 – NiT

Puma sneakers that match all spring dresses are €35

The white model with black details is a timeless classic. They are currently 25 percent off.

Ideal for those who love casual looks.

In Bavaria there is a small town that has become the epicenter of sneakers. It is called Herzogenaurach and has a little over 20,000 inhabitants. However, it has a whole significant history for society. Although we may not be familiar with this name, it is guaranteed that almost all of us have something in our closet that is, to some extent, related to this region.

It’s a bold statement, we know. But it will make sense when you discover that one of the main brands in the sports field was born there. In the 20th century, brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded a shoe factory and found success. After World War II, however, they decided to go their separate ways. Adolf ended up creating adidas, while Rudolf created the store that would become popular as Puma right next to the old site.

Years pass, trends change, but sneakers remain the best-selling proposition of the fashion industry, as they are needed by both men, women and children. The reasons for their popularity are, above all, the comfort they offer and the fact that they adapt to any type of appearance.

And when we say everything, we are not exaggerating. Whether it’s sweaters, tops, jeans, leggings or even dresses, good sneakers are always a key element of any outfit. At Puma, we’ve found a discounted pair you’ll want to add to your collection. Why; They have a color scheme that never fails.

They are very discreet.

They are white and have a stripe as well as the brand’s iconic symbol, both black. As we know, these colors go great with neutral, dark or vibrant tones. Plus, they add a relaxed vibe to any sentence you use.

The Smash v2s were created with the tennis courts in mind, but as Puma explains, they don’t have to be used only in those venues, as they are as “street friendly as they are sporty”. They usually cost €55. Thanks to a 25% discount with the code “FF2023”, they cost €35. They can be purchased on the website.

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