March 28, 2023

Psychotechnical examination: understand how this step works | Services

One of the first mandatory steps for those who are going to obtain their National Driving License (CNH) is to carry out psychometric test (properly called psychological assessment). Although simple, this test raises doubts about the way candidates are evaluated, beyond their fear of failure.

With this in mind, Autoesporte spoke to Dr. Juliana Guimarães, president of Abrapsit-PE and director of the medical and psychological sector of Detran-PE, who explained how the assessment works and gave advice on how to prepare at the time of the examination.

  • What is assessment and how does it work?

Psychological assessment is a process carried out by a psychologist to understand the personality of the candidate/driver and assess whether his psychological and emotional conditions make him fit to drive.

During the assessment, which lasts on average one hour, the professional talks to the candidate and applies a series of written and verbal tests that expose person profile characteristicssuch as information and decision making, identification, information processing, focused and distributed attention, memory, detection, emotional balance, critical judgment, intelligence and socialization.

  • What is this type of test for?

According to the professional, the evaluation serves they analyze conditions of attention, memory, logical reasoning, emotional balance, ability to cope with stress and resilience.

“We know that movement requires a different kind of attention. It’s not enough to have the attention we use when we watch a movie, for example. We have to perceive the outside and respond. process the information and give answers,” says Guimarães.

The psychological assessment assesses whether the person has the emotional and psychological conditions to drive — Photo: Getty Images

  • Who should do? Who will renew the wallet needs too?

Every person who is inside first license procedure must perform the psychological evaluation along with the medical examination. This process precedes theoretical and practical lessons.

The driver who had the driving license revocation If you need to repeat the first driving license process, you must also take the medical examination and the psychological assessment before the theory and practical lessons.

If the applicant is a professional driver or performs paid activities with the vehicle, is it is necessary to take the test every time you renew your driving license. The psychological assessment is done along with the medical examination and drug test.

The psychologist emphasizes that, even if the driver is not a professional, he can be it was requested that the psychotechnical examination be carried out if the doctor deems it necessary. This may be at the time of the medical examination for CNH renewal, for example.

  • What are the possible outcomes?

Overall, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. Suitable: the professional certifies that the applicant is psychologically fit to drive and can therefore proceed normally with the license (or renewal) process.
  2. Temporary Ineligible: the professional realizes that, for some reason, the applicant is unable to drive at the moment, but will be able to drive in the future, upon return and medical clearance. For example: the candidate is a chemical addict and currently not in control to drive. It will be up to the practitioner to decide how long after the candidate can return and repeat the psychological assessment.
  3. Unable: the professional certifies that the candidate has great difficulty driving under any conditions.
  • What happens if you fail?

In case of temporary disability or disability, the health professional must notify the result to the Psychological Department of the executive body of state transit to blocking of the National Register of Driving Licenses (Renach). If Renach is listed as temporarily unfit, it will be the responsibility of that transit executive to unblock the applicant’s registration so that he can retake the psychological evaluation.

However, according to the Decision of the National Traffic Council (Contran), if the candidate is certified as unfit or temporarily unfit, he may appeal the result within 30 days to the Psychological Council of the state transit executive and request re-evaluation.

The professional may indicate that the candidate cannot drive a car – Photo: Getty Images

  • When and how are the results released?

Usually, at the end of the test, the professional announces whether or not the candidate can proceed with the process. However, the result can be made available by the psychologist within two working days after the assessment and will appear on the Renach worksheet. Depending on the state, it is possible to find out the result by calling the clinic where the medical/psychological evaluation was performed or through the Detran website itself.

  • What does the test include and how to prepare?

According to the doctor. Juliana Guimaraes, there is no way to prepare for the test itself, because for each type of characteristic that is examined there are countless evaluation instruments that the professional can use. “The person may try to memorize the response of one organ but, in the end, another characteristic is tested,” he warns.

The suggested is prepare to be in good shape at the time of assessment. “Sleep well, avoid drinking the day before, be sure. The person will do a series of tests and talk to a professional. So it’s important to be transparent with the information. If the test disagrees with what the candidate, there will be an inconsistency in the result,” says the psychologist.

After passing the medical and psychological tests, the candidate will be able to attend the theoretical and practical courses — Photo: Getty Images

  • I was approved. And now?

The next steps will depend on the candidate’s intent. If you are licensed (you will get a Driving Licence), you need to schedule ten theory lessons, each lasting four hours, at a Driver Training Center (CFC). Then he has to take the theory test. If you get at least 21 of the 30 questions correct, you will pass and be able to move on to the practical courses.

In this second stage, the guide is needed 20 hours of lessons to then schedule the practical exam. If approved, you must pay a fee to Detran and you will receive a Driver’s License at home.

However, if the applicant is a professional driver or performs paid activities with the vehicle, it is necessary to conduct the test each time he renews the CNH. A psychological evaluation is required along with a medical exam and drug test.

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