March 28, 2023

Psychologists explain 5 types of perfectionists and their secrets to success

Perfectionists may be intelligent, ambitious, and hardworking, but they sense that there is something unusual about them. It is important to emphasize that perfectionism is not a mental disorder. psychological or something negative, just a characteristic inherent in the personality of some people, especially women. Some perfectionists are more likely to succeed and a team of psychologists studied what is behind this and defined the 5 types of perfectionists.

perfectionist types of people

An American psychologist did a survey on the types of perfectionists, based on his clinical experience. During his research, he was able to define 5 classes of perfectionism according to patient profiles. It is noteworthy that these characteristics of personality they vary according to different situations and environments. A person can be a perfectionist at work but have problems in their relationship or vice versa.

intense perfectionists

This type of perfectionist is direct and single-minded when it comes to achieving their goals while maintaining a clear and sharp focus. When they are not fully aware of their attitude, they may have very high standards and even punish or stretch themselves when they do not achieve the desired result.

classic perfectionists

Such people create an environment of stability and bring confidence and consistency to their work and what they do.

But if this characteristic gets out of control, these people find it difficult to get used to changes and develop serious relationships.

perfectionists from Paris

Parisian perfectionists have a high sense of the power of interpersonal connection and are extremely compassionate. However, when out of control, their intense desire to connect with others can make them toxic people.

procrastinating perfectionists

You may have met someone like this before, perfectionists are great at preparation, can see situations from many unexpected angles and don’t act on impulse. However, when out of control, they can become indecisive and slow to act due to over-preparation or worry.

messy perfectionists

The name may seem contradictory, but these people are the ones who have unexpected ideas, are spontaneous, enthusiastic and face new beginnings well. However, if they lose control, they have to work very hard to stay focused on their goals, which can end up exhausting them and making it difficult to complete tasks.

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