March 29, 2023

Psychologist Analyzes Key’s Michael Jackson Phobia: ‘Fear of Fame’

Early this Wednesday (1/2), Key Alves had a crying fit over his fear of the late singer Michael Jackson’s image. Sister BBB23 had already talked about this phobia they had since childhood, but only now was she suffering from the trauma of confinement. In conversation with psychologist Alexander Bez, we discovered that this phobia of famous people or characters can be related to the fear of fame.

“Phobias are considered anxiety disorders, which is a fear that the person knows is irrational, but cannot control. But the truth is that, first of all, we need to understand what each emotion is to try to help overcome this process. Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between phobia, panic syndrome and a natural fear,” the professional began.

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According to the mental health psychologist, the case of volleyball player Key Alves is a type of social phobia, but focused on a specific subdivision. One was concerned with the internal issues themselves and the other with external exposures.

“These are extremely complex, even rare, emotions that can hold a tough emotional connection to the psychological impact. Not exactly him, Michael Jackson, but fame. It can be the symbol of that reputation,” Alexander said.

“Besides these issues, he could have had any trauma (impossible to know which without undergoing Freudian psychoanalytic psychotherapy). But the trauma she suffered could, for whatever reason, have been associated with the figure of Michael Jackson, causing her to panic because of the phobia,” he concluded.

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