PS5 updates with Discord integration, 1440p resolution and more

This week, Sony released a new update for its latest generation console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), with some very interesting news that users have already been waiting for.

Among them are new features for connecting to the console and even some changes to the interface to improve navigation. Among the highlights is the arrival of Discord integration, which has already been highly anticipated, and which allows players to access the app’s voice chat via PS5.

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Integration with Discord and chat

One of the main innovations of the new PS5 update is the integration with Discord, as it has become the most important chat channel in the world of gamers. When the user integrates their PSN account with Discord, they will be able to access the app’s chats directly from the console interface.

Integration can be done from both smartphone and computer, as well as on the Playstation website and the Discord app for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. In addition, this integration also allows Discord to show which games are currently running on the PS5 so that the user’s contacts can see what they are playing.

An important detail is that even if you have already merged profiles before, you need to repeat the process for these new features to be released and become active on the account.

PS5 update brings more news

In addition to Discord integration, the PS5 also got a few more improvements with the v23.01-07.00.00 update. One of these was an update to the console’s wireless controller, DualSense, which will now be able to receive the next updates wirelessly as well, without having to be connected to the console.

Another improvement was the arrival of variable refresh rate support at 1440p. This way, games will run smoother on both monitors and TVs that support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

And for those who own a PS4 and want to transfer their games to the PS5, this process has been made even easier for PS Plus subscribers, who will be able to transfer those game saves in a simple way. With this, when the user downloads a game from the last generation to the PS5, it will show a notification so that the data is in the cloud, which makes the download easier and the PS4 will no longer need to be turned on for this to happen.

This is because the new update has improved the connection between the two devices, making it easier to exchange information between them wirelessly. That is, for those who bought the new PS5, it will be possible to wirelessly transfer some data such as saved games, screenshots and user profiles over the network.

Sony also improved the PS5 interface


The new update also brought some changes to the console interface to make it easier to use, as well as to ensure greater accessibility. One of them is in the Game Library, which got new options for filtering results. In addition, the resource that shows friends who enjoy the same game also gets more options for interactions.

To facilitate multiplayer games, the console also gained the ability to enter a team match through the chat window. For this, this chat has been better managed to maintain privacy, so you’ll be able to choose who can or can’t enter the chat and start games, or manage how friends are invited to group games.

The screen reader is also starting to offer more detailed tips and guidance for those still getting used to the console interface, such as showing where the cursor should move when navigating.

Other improvements

The MeuPlaystation website listed these and more changes with the arrival of the update, check out the list of some more news that comes with it:

The following features have been added to game nodes:

  • All games will have a timer in the center of the game that will track the total time played.
  • Game progress will also be displayed for games that have a maximum number of story activities.
  • Added Friends to Play With block.
  • You can see which of your friends own the game and who are currently online.
  • By selecting the block, you’ll be able to see what your friends are doing and you’ll also have access to your friends’ profiles, where you’ll have more interaction options.
  • The trophy block has been moved and updated to make it easier to access and display your trophy progress.
  • Competitive multiplayer cards can be displayed in full screen. When you select Start Activity, you will be taken directly to the match. The prominent placement and size of the card makes it easy to pick up for many players.

Cross-platform playability has undergone the following update:

  • In cross-platform game session cards, you can now see members playing on other platforms.

Game Base received the following features:

  • Now you can send a screen share request or start sharing your screen with a friend directly from their profile. On your friend’s profile, select the Screen Sharing icon.
  • You can also send a screen share request to your friend from the PlayStation app.
  • On the voice chat card, a join icon will appear for party members who are playing a game you can join. You can join the game directly by selecting the player and then choosing Join Game from the menu.
  • Friends who are active in the PlayStation app will now appear online in your friends list.

The following changes have been made to the on-screen keyboard:

  • When you start typing characters, suggestions will appear at the top of the on-screen keyboard. If you press the R1 button, instead of entering the first sentence, you simply select it. To enter the selected sentence, press the X button.
  • If you see learned suggestions that you want the console to forget, you can delete them from the Options menu.
  • Unicode 15.0 emoji can now be displayed.

Other improvements

  • The time required to perform integrity checks on downloaded data has been significantly reduced. This process takes place while the tag [Copiando…] it appears under the download item in the Downloads/Uploads control in the control center.
  • The way installed games are launched has changed.
  • If your PS5 has the download version of a game you didn’t buy (such as those other PS5 users have bought) and you have the disc version, you can now play the installed download version by inserting the disc (without installing the disc version) .
  • Likewise, if you installed a game using the disc and purchased the downloadable version of the game, you will now be able to play the disc-installed version of the game without inserting the disc.
  • The hint system has been expanded to show a list of targets if the game provides them. Select any goal to see a more detailed video or text tip.
  • You can now view and manage your authorized apps in Settings.
  • Authorized apps are third-party apps and services that you’ve linked your PlayStation Network account to. By using an authorized app, you give permission for your account data to be shared with that app.
  • To view and manage your authorized apps, go to Settings > Users & accounts > Authorized apps.
  • We have updated the device software for the DualSense Wireless Controller, DualSense Edge Wireless Controller and PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers.
  • The update will improve stability.
  • The following issue or issues have been resolved.
  • Fixed an error message giving incorrect information about parental control restrictions when using the web browser.
  • An update has been released to fix an issue that causes some IPS LCD displays to flicker when variable refresh rate (VRR) is enabled. This update may help resolve this issue on these screens.

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