Princess Martha Louise of Norway remembers Ari Behn in an interview: “I knew he was in bad shape. I talked to him every day before he died.”

The princess Martha Louise from Norway gave an interview to Swedish TV SVT in which he spoke about some controversial issues in his life, including the controversy surrounding his shaman fiance Durek Veretand the painful moment she experienced three years ago, after the suicide of her ex-husband, Ari Benfather of her three daughters, poor, lea is Emma.

The interview took place in Fredrikstad, Norway, where the princess has her office, and began with a trip back in time, in which the eldest daughter of the kings Harald is Sonia he remembers his adolescence. “I thought everyone hated me because they always wrote negative things about me. I thought people would make fun of me, but they didn’t. I learned then that the press doesn’t always represent what people mean.”he stated, saying he considers himself a sensitive person.

During the conversation, the 51-year-old princess said that she is currently feeling overwhelmed and moved to remember her ex-husband. “It’s the first interview I’ve given since the death of Aris, so my nerves are not the usual ones”revealed, also saying that before the author killed himself, he knew he was not well, that he was suffering from depression, but he did not imagine that the result could be what happened. “You never think about that [o suicídio] it can happen, but I knew he was wrong. I spoke to him every day before he died.”

Let’s recall that Ari Behn committed suicide on Christmas Day, 2019, with the funeral taking place a few days later, a farewell moment that brought together the entire royal family of Norway and in which the eldest daughter of Ari and Martha Louise, Maud , who was 16 at the time, spoke out, appealing for the importance of mental health care.

During the interview, Martha Louise also spoke about the controversy surrounding her fiancé, Durek Verrett, and the need to postpone the wedding due to the shaman’s health, as he had recently shared. To suffer from a kidney problem and need a transplant, until that happens “Wedding plans are in the offing.”

During the interview, journalist Anna Hedenmo asked the princess about some of the shaman’s statements, some of which are in his book, which have brought him under heavy criticism in Norway, such as the fact that he said he cured Covid -19 with pendant. Although the princess said that some of her statements were twisted and taken out of context, she assured that she does not agree with all the ideas that her partner defends. “I’m not defending everything he stands for, so you’ll have to ask him what he means [com isso]. But in a larger context, it is not what it seems when only one paragraph is quoted, because it only shows part of the book.’he assured.

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