Portugal’s Visor.ai Raises €4.4M With Smart Chat – Technologies

Having secured venture capital funding and the recovery and resilience (PRR) plan, the startup now aims to become the leading international reference in artificial intelligence applied to contact centers.

Created in 2016 by Gianluca Pereyra, Bruno Matias and Gonçalo Consiglieri, as a result of participation in a “hackathon” by Câmara Lisboa and Beta-i, Visor.ai developed an intelligent conversation platform for chat, email and voice for organizations that want to move towards automating customer service and/or internal communication.

“After six years of achievements, Visor.ai now aims to be the leading international reference in artificial intelligence [inteligência artificial] The person in charge applied to the “contact centers”, having secured funding of 4.4 million euros for this purpose, the Portuguese startup announced this Thursday, March 9, in a statement.

More than half of the funding (€2.3 million) comes from venture capital funds such as Lince Capital, LC Ventures and M4 Ventures, with the rest being granted on a non-repayable basis under the Recovery and Resilience (PRR) , “to help build the world’s largest ‘Responsible AI’ (Responsible Artificial Intelligence) consortium,” Visor.ai revealed.

The money raised will be used “in Visor.ai’s international expansion and hiring new talent for research and development,” explained the company, which currently has “a team of more than 40 employees.”

Visor.ai’s online platform enables the “development of intelligent chat agents (such as “chatbots”, “voicebots” and “emailbots”), 100% customizable by “Center Contact” teams and partners”, ie, this startup guarantees that it “implements solutions that automate repetitive processes and interactions in internal communication and customer service using artificial intelligence.”

“With the Visor.ai solution, an average of 8 out of 10 interactions are handled without human intervention, instantly and 24*7*365, enabling companies to increase their customer support while focusing teams on more complex and demanding processes more personal monitoring”, he emphasized, assuring that, “on average, the implementation time is just four weeks and the return on investment is achieved in three months”.

The Portuguese tech company says it has already delivered “more than 100 intelligent chat agents to more than 50 companies, such as Generali Group, Millennium BCP, BNP Paribas, Fidelidade, Zurich, among many others, with an automatic incident resolution rate of more than 80%”.

“We invested in Visor.ai because it is a high-growth startup in the field of Conversational AI, focused on solutions for Banking and Insurance. The company has a broad base of anchor customers in these sectors and has an excellent talent pool,” said Paulo Falcão, from LC Ventures.

Tomás Lavin Peixe, from Lince Capital, emphasized that “the company’s disruptive technology, which aims to automate processes and simplify interactions between clients and institutions, combined with a solid client base, especially in the financial sector, was undoubtedly some of the reasons that drove our desire to be part of this project.”

Finally, for Luis Gutman, from M4 Ventures, “Visor.ai has a solid product, a highly skilled team and a challenging and innovative ‘roadmap’, so those responsible for this venture capital are “with great pleasure to be a part of this journey”.

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