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Irene (Joana Seixas) asks her father to bring Rodrigo (Tiago Felizardo) back to SLG, but Sérgio (Fernando Rodrigues) tells her that he should be the one to make that request.

Irene is surprised that Rodrigo suggests that he is thinking of making surfboards and warns him that he won’t be able to make a living that way. Rodrigo gets upset that she doesn’t support him, saying that he doesn’t need to give her excuses.

Frederico (Diogo Infante) goes to see Lia at the university and threatens her with libel if she doesn’t drop the complaint against him. Leah hesitates, but at that moment Gabriel (Tiago Rodríguez) appears, looking defiantly at Frederico. Frederico is surprised to see Gabriel, with Gabriel telling him that he just buried himself a little more because he witnessed the duress he was putting on Leah, who also proceeds to tell Frederico that she is now going to the police station. file a complaint against him. Natália (Fernanda Serrano) appears and hugs Gabriel, Frederico in turn leaves defeated.

Irene tells Olga (Sara Baradas) that she got mad at Rodrigo because he wanted to start a career making surfboards. Olga tells him that Santiago (Pedro Jose) has already had the vasectomy, with the two smiling, amused that Santiago had tried to escape from the hospital. Santiago leaves the hospital with Olga’s support and reveals that he is afraid of never regaining his masculinity.

Lúcia (Leonor Seixas) records a video for Maria (Rita Pereira) telling her not to worry as the girl is being treated well.

Matias (João Bettencourt) is frustrated that he has to make all the decisions alone at the agency. Tomás (Diogo Carvalho) comes and says that their application for adoption has been approved.

Raul (Isaac Alfaiate) is chased down the street by Afonso and Henriques and takes refuge in the shop of Rómulo (João Nunes Monteiro). Raoul desperately asks Romulus for help to get rid of his children, saying that he can’t stand being imitated everywhere.

Gabriel and Natalia make plans about what they will do together now that he is free. Lia leaves Calado’s office, who agrees that another complaint against Frederico will be too fruitful for the process.

Filipa (Joana Brandão) refuses Rita (Margarida Corceiro) the idea of ​​moving into her house without notifying Gabriel first and they go to shower. Someone rings the bell, but Philippa and Rita don’t hear it.

Graça (Helena Isabel) is busy cooking for Rómulo’s party, telling Ana (São José Lapa) that they are already late.

Zé Luís (Filipe Vargas) and Constança (Madalena Vicente) happily eat the bolognese pasta that Francisco (Tomás Bastos Sousa) helped Nuno make. Francisco says he thought cooking was more of a profession for women, but Zé Luís tells him he’s wrong. Francisco happily says that he wants to make this dish when Maria gets home.

Gabriel prepares to go with Natalia to Romulo’s party, with her stressing that she will never see Romulo as her family.

Graça brings the food to the living room with the help of Prates (Alfredo Brito), nervous for everything to go well.

Santiago, iced in the sex area, talks to Dominguez on the phone, worried that he’s implying that she can go back to Portugal to take care of him because he doesn’t trust Olga.

About I Want To Live

“Quero é Viver” is a soap opera about female empowerment and hope. With tenderness and humor, it tells the story of Anna and her four daughters who, after their 70-year-old mother ends a 50-year marriage, will also end up giving their lives a 180-degree turn.

The cast includes faces well known to the general public: São José Lapa, Fernando Rodrigues, Fernanda Serrano, Diogo Infante, Joana Seixas, Pedro Hossi, Rita Pereira, Filipe Vargas, Sara Barradas, Liliana Santos, Helena Isabel, Thiago Rodrigues, Isabel , among others.

I want to live is a story about love. It takes place in the present day and takes place between Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais and Arrábida.

Celia Sa
Manuel Amaro da Costa, Hugo Sousa, Ricardo Carreira, Rafael Rahal, Letícia Veiga
Catarina Amaro
Music production
Antonio Lopez
sound design
Paula Basilio
Production Management
Miguel Cotrim
General Counseling
Jose Eduardo Moniz
Art Direction
Hugo de Sousa
Director of Content and Production
Gabriela Sobral
Director of Entertainment and Fantasy TVI
André Manso, João Patricio, Lurdes Guerreiro
Director of Entertainment and Fantasy TVI
Christina Ferreira
TVI General Manager
Hugo Andrade
A Plural Production for TVI

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