Pedro Penim and his husband are accused of child trafficking

Pedro Penim and her husband, a BBC journalist, Mark Lowenaccused of child trafficking after the actor and journalist resorted to surrogacy, as Paris Hilton or Cristiano Ronaldo just announced, who have never revealed the identity of the mother of Cristiano Jr., 12, or twins Mateo and Eva, 5 .

Pedro Penim and his husband, Mark Lowen, are accused of child trafficking
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Pedro Penim and his husband are accused of child trafficking

Six weeks after the birth of Amália, the daughter that the director of the Teatro D. Maria II and the BBC journalist were able to have through a surrogate mother in Canada, the couple returned to Portugal and decided to share the moment of departure at the airport through photo on Twitter with the following message:

“After 6 weeks in wonderful Canada and a tearful goodbye to our amazing surrogate and friend, it’s time to come home to Lisbon with the newest member of our family: our most beautiful carry-on. Canada: it is a shining light of democracy and equality. Thank you for making our dream come true.”

And what should have been just a moment of joy caused a wave of criticism and insults, as there were those who did not find it funny that the couple referred to their daughter as “our most beautiful hand luggageSoon there were attacks with some less sympathetic comments accusing the couple of the crime of child trafficking.

Oh my god. The dehumanization going on here. This is what happens when you buy a baby as a luxury item. Poor child torn from her mother“, he writes. THE: “Our most beautiful carry-on”… you mean the baby – the person – you bought? This is child trafficking“, and even: “This is human trafficking. They are both reprehensible“.

Regardless of the controversy, Pedro Penim and Mark Lowen are completely in love with the baby, who arrived in their lives in December, as the actor revealed on his Instagram account at the time:

“The journey has been complicated and bumpy, but the present is perfect! Our daughter, Amália, was born a few days ago in Canada, after an altruistic surrogacy process, made possible only with the eggs of an anonymous donor, and the disarming courage and generosity of the mother-to-be, Jordyn Miller, to whom we owe always. . Mark and I are beyond happy and share all of this with our various families (immediate and extended). Welcome to our world, Amalia”

Check out some photos the couple has shared on social media!

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