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Police are still investigating his death Pedro Rodrigues Filho68 years old, known as “Pedrinho Matador”, who was shot while in front of his relatives’ house in Mogi das Cruzesin Greater São Paulo, on the last day 5. According to the company, the man also they cut his throat with a kitchen knife. A witness reported during the recording of the incident that a suspect wearing a Joker mask. try to decapitate the serial killer.

The criminal’s action was similar to a scene from the movie “Joker”, released in Brazil in October 2019, when the main character, played by actor Joaquim Phoenix, kills and decapitates a person.

However, according to the witness report, Pedrinho was sitting in a chair on the sidewalk of the house, holding a child in his arms, when a black Volkswagen Gol approached and two armed suspects got out. One of them ordered a woman to take the child to the residence and, shortly after, shots were fired.

Pendrinho was hit by the shots and fell. The thug wearing the ‘Joker’ mask then approached with the knife and slashed the serial killer’s throat.

Both suspects fled after the crime and as of Thursday morning (9) had not been located and arrested. The case is still under investigation as a classified homicide at the Mogi das Cruzes Homicide Unit.

The black car used by the killers was found abandoned on Estrada da Cruz do Século. He was arrested and is being examined. The police also collected the cell phone of “Pedrinho Matador” to see if they could find any message that could lead to the paternity of the murder.

More than a hundred deaths

“Pedrinho Matador” was convicted of dozens of murders, which began in the 1970s. The first crime occurred when he was still 14 years old, in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais, when he shot the then mayor of the town.

After that, the man never stopped committing murders. His criminal record contains 71 murders, but he claimed responsibility for more than 100 deaths, many of them in prison.

After being released from prison, he started commenting on crimes on YouTube.

In an interview on the program “Fantastic”, by TV Globo, in 1996, while still serving a sentence, “Pedrinho Matador” said that he had “always been a killer” and that he did not regret his crimes. Among the tattoos he showed off was the phrase: “I kill for pleasure.” At the same time, he claimed that he killed his own father and that he “tore out” his heart.

After he was released from prison in 2017, he began posting his routine on social media and also helped write books telling his story. Now, he wanted to be known as “Pedrinho Ex-Matador”.

Videos that remember childhood

Days before he was killed, “Pedrinho Matador” posted a series of videos on their social networks, in which he revealed that he was in Mogi das Cruzes. He was currently living in Itanhaém, on the coast of Sao Paulo, but was in town to sort out “personal issues,” as he told the post below:

“I had to make this trip to Mogi urgently because of a responsibility that I had to resolve on my own. There are things we can’t even talk about, because it’s our business, right?” he said.

In another video, he recalled his childhood in Mogi das Cruzes and celebrated reuniting with old friends.

“Here, I’ve already been shot, I’ve already been arrested (…). There were no walls, I ran here with everything from the police (…). I lived in the middle of the forest, on the edge of the river. Now, I am cool, “steady”. I wanted to show you this little piece,” he told the video below:

At that time, he was near where one of his cousins ​​lived and showed him a lemon tree, which he said he had planted himself. “I planted it. A seedling of this size and look how it is!’

He continued to show homes to family and friends and talked about what policing was like in the area when he was young. “In the past, there were few police officers, people. wore 38 [calibre de revólver] only, I couldn’t use a rifle, I didn’t have a helicopter,” he recalls.


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