“On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Get inspired by Diana Chaves with these suggestions from €15.99 – Fashion

We already know that “Wednesdays we wear pink”. This iconic phrase was spoken by Regina George, Rachel McAdams’ character, in the movie “Giras e Terríveis”, a 2004 movie. It seems that this saying continues to influence our days and Diana Chaves, this Wednesday, 1 February, decided to put into practice.

The presenter from the station Paço de Arcos surrendered to the trend of Barbiecore and presented the program “Casa Feliz” in an appearance in which this tone was the protagonist. The cropped blazer and skirt matched perfectly and did not let Diana Chaves go unnoticed. Both pieces are available at multi-brand Annat, for €159 and €90, respectively.

One thing is for sure: wearing pink is always a good idea – and, especially on Wednesdays, it has a whole other allure. Whether you want to be inspired by “Giras e Terríveis” or Diana Chaves, here are two perfect excuses to abuse the color and put earth, white or black-toned looks aside for a while.

For this reason, MAGG has collected several blazers that look like the presenter and that, at the same time, match the aesthetic of the 2004 film. Best of all, they are versatile – and, most importantly, wallet-friendly, as they are in discount, with prices starting from €15.99.

See the photo gallery.

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