On the business and the controversial separation of Alexandra Ledastre: “She opened the clinic to support him”

In the program ‘Red carpet’ from Wednesday March 8, Zulmira Ferreira is Nuno Azinheira commented on the news about a business Alexandra Ledastre, giving exclusive information. Note that the latest version of the TV More claims that the actress had a beauty business which, according to sources, ended after several difficulties. The magazine reveals the case facing Alexandra Lencastre and her ex-partner, the businessman Nuno Oliveirawho denies owing money to the actress.

“I’m a little pissed off about the ‘Secret Business’ cover.” I mean, it was never a secret deal. Alexandra, in fact, opened a clinic, at the time she was with her partner, a partner who had already dealt with this work (…) This is to say that she was ashamed to deal with it… On the contrary! One thing she really likes is aesthetics, she always has. only that he even did it to help the colleague. It was never a secretstarted by saying Zulmira Ferreira, who is close to Alexandra Landastre.

Zulmira Ferreira: “Alexandra does not owe money to anyone, on the contrary”

SIC program commentator Caras gave more details: “The process is with the lawyers because, since they closed the clinic in the meantime… Alexandra does not owe anyone, quite the opposite. Alexandra is an extremely generous person. She still worked there, which for her was “part time” and a branch she liked and went to when possible. It was supposed to be there obviously. I really don’t understand the purpose of this coverage and the clerk saying he owes money. It should not”he stated and added: The director of the clinic was actually you, not Alexandra. There was a payment plan and this plan that Alexandra followed religiously (…) She opened the clinic to support him, he was unemployed. Because it has its way of survival”.

Nuno Azinheira ended up describing the actress and also his former commenter ‘Red carpet’ like a woman “naive”: “When you surrender, surrender and trust. And he is a very generous person, who does not look at the means to make the people around him happy.”.

“I just hope she passes quickly, which she really doesn’t deserve. She is in a complicated phase, she is completely on her knees and it affects her on all levels.concluded Zulmira Ferreira.


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