Norway deals another devastating blow to transgender activism

by Maria Elena Costa

After Finland, Sweden[1] and the United Kingdom, Norway, one of the countries that has embraced the ideological concept of gender for the longest time [sexo] express us YOGYAKARTA principleswhich defines “gender identity” as “the deeply felt inner and individual experience of one’s gender, which may or may not correspond to the gender assigned at birth, including the personal sense of one’s body (which may include, by free choice, modification of physical appearance or function by medical, surgical means or otherwise) and other expressions of gender, including dress, speech and manners’; denounces the use of puberty blockers,[2] cross sex hormones,[3] and “gender reassignment” surgeries.[4] [5] for gender-confused minors (gender is just the little lure to confuse the uninformed).

Thus, the Norwegian Medical Observatory encourages the country to abandon gender-affirming care guidelines,[6] whereas, according to the research carried out, the so-called “positive model of care” for minors who self-identify as the opposite gender has no scientific evidence to support it, and therefore it is urgent to end the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and “sex reassignment” surgeries on minors.

According to LifeSiteNews,[7] the NHIB (Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board) recommended that these “treatments” be classified as experimental and stressed that the increase in children identifying as transgender is alarming. Thus, the NHIB is the latest European organization to announce that:

The knowledge base, especially research-based knowledge, for gender confirmation therapy (hormonal and surgical) is insufficient. Little is known about the long-term effects. […] Current regulations put children at risk, who cannot consent to the irreversible effects of these treatments.

media reports[8] indicate that the new recommendations are a response to complaints from many families, who complain of “insecurity, being prevented from counseling their children to accept their biological sex, and a lack of follow-up for minor patients.”

Currently, in the United States, laws in place in some states – which restrict the use of “positive modeling” – are being challenged and condemned by transgender activists, lawmakers and left-wing politicians, who blame the politicians and legislators who passed them . laws that they are far-right and that they are launching a violent “transphobic” attack on “transgender youth”. But what countries like Sweden, Finland, the UK and Norway indicate is that countries like Canada, the US, Spain and Portugal, although they claim to be at the forefront of modernity and science, are increasingly out of touch with the latest scientific conclusions.

Before Norway decided to stop using children as guinea pigs in July 2022, in the UK, the Tavistock sex clinic was closed following an NHS investigation. [Serviço Nacional de Saúde] concluded that the level of care provided by the clinic put the children at risk. Recommendations were also issued in which the NHS opposed childhood ‘gender reassignment’ treatments and strong warnings against ‘social transition’ being so confusing and likely to prevent natural withdrawal over time.

Earlier in September 2021, in France, more than 50 health professionals, prominent academics, lawyers, doctors, philosophers, psychiatrists, judges and psychologists published an open and scathing letter[9] in which they strongly condemned the effects of gender ideology and “gender transition” on children. Published by the Children and Adolescent Ideology Observatory, the letter, which set out their concerns, was completely ignored by the international press. Portuguese newspapers and various media are not interested in denouncing gender ideology and trans activism. They are the main culprits in the ignorance of citizens and the abuse to which so many children are exposed.

Also in 20121, in the month of May, the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) reported that Stockholm’s Karolinksa Hospital, one of the world’s most prestigious teaching hospitals, had changed its approach to gender dysphoria, issuing a policy statement on the treatment of minors in which it definitively rejected the “positive model” and ended the practice of prescribing puberty blockers and other sex hormones to minors.

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau call those who oppose these things extremists and transphobes, but never mention that Swedish doctors agree with “transphobic extremists.”

For the politicians and activists of the colored alphabet, the Finns[10] must also be characterized as right-wing transphobic roots, as Finnish medical guidelines distinguish between early infantile gender dysphoria and adolescent gender dysphoria, acknowledging that some gender confusion or exploitation may be a natural part of adulthood and almost entirely prohibiting medical intervention until “identity and personality development are stabilized.” However, psychotherapy is recommended for those who self-identify as transgender, and surgery is prohibited for those under 18. Puberty exclusion is also expressly considered experimental and, if used in severe cases, patients are referred to a research clinic and health professionals must ensure they are “able to understand the concept of irreversible treatments and the benefits and drawbacks”. hormone therapy and that there are no contraindications”.

The UK. France. Sweden. Finland. And now Norway. They all decided to protect their children.

However, any discussion of the harm done to young people in this little corner by the sea is condemned by those who consider themselves tolerant, modern and progressive. Unfortunately, if leftist politicians and lgbtetc. continue to subject Portugal’s children to gender ideology, they will be easy prey for perverted adults and they will be irreversibly damaged.











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