New Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer and details

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Hi Guys! We are Sven Hammer, Head of Technical Design and Lila Grimaldi, Narrative Designer at Deck13. On May 16th we will be released Atlas Fallen, an explosive epic action RPG where you play as a hero who rebels against the reign of a tyrannical god. You’ll explore a sand-covered semi-open world called Atlas, overlooking mythical creatures. Your heroic abilities come from a magical artifact, and today we’re going to talk a little about its history and mechanics!

In the world of Atlas, Essence is the soul of everything. It is she who forms all the organic elements and every surface covered with sand. The Essence created the powers of an ancient form of magic, but that knowledge was long lost. Until one day, our hero finds the remnants of this magic in the form of an object hundreds of years old: the Gauntlet.

Whoever wears the Gauntlet has control over the Essence that exists around them. Therefore, this person can manipulate the grains of matter found in objects, structures, and elements, changing their structural integrity to restore or destroy those objects. Our hero uses this power to shape the sand, creating different weapons during battle. With the Gauntlet’s ability to manipulate the world around them, players can launch themselves through the air, making epic vertical moves and side-to-side arrows, gliding through the sands of Atlas. The Gauntlet is a very versatile tool!

Unfortunately for our hero, it seems the Gauntlet isn’t working too well. Forged by a mysterious being, it was dismantled shortly after its creation to prevent anyone from using this magic again. To make it work again, it needs two key ingredients: the Catalyst and the Fragments.

The larger the volume of Essence, the more difficult it is to control. The Catalyst’s job is to collect Essence and channel it into himself, increasing his raw power tenfold. This part is divided into three parts called “Catalyst Parts”, which you will need to find and assemble. When you get a new Catalyst Piece, you can recreate a part of the Gauntlet, unlocking a powerful new ability. Each Catalyst Piece must be assembled with specific items, infused with Essence: the ‘Fragments’, which increase the hero’s control over Essence.

As you travel through the world of Atlas, you’ll find Catalyst Parts and Fragments, gradually increasing the Gauntlet’s ability to progress further in the game.

With the power to manipulate Essence, you can transform the sand around you into different weapons. To do this, you need to find the corresponding weapon memory. You can find three weapons on your journey. dune, Sandwhip is joints. Everything gets bigger and more powerful as you accumulate Essence during battle. This process is called winning Push.

ONE dune it’s a heavy weapon, which works wonders when you need to deal heavy AoE damage against enemies. She can take two forms, depending on her attacks. One of them is an axe, ideal for long-range hits that deal a lot of damage and destabilize the target. The other is a hammer, which specializes in crowd control, dealing heavy damage when it hits the ground.

THE Sandwhip combines the speed of a sword with the reach of a whip. It’s the most versatile and effective weapon to gain momentum while also offering a wide range of mobility options. A good example is Sandwhip hook: A move that allows you to grab the target and launch yourself at it. The Sandwhip is an extremely versatile weapon, as you can use it to keep enemies at a safe distance while gaining Momentum, or you can take advantage of its high mobility to quickly get in and out of a fight with powerful melee attacks that consume Momentum. year.

Finally, the joints it’s a weapon that covers both forearms and forms an extra pair of arms when you build Boost. Knuckledust deals a lot of damage per second to single targets, so it’s the best choice for quickly eliminating a threat.

You can wield two weapons at a time. This way, you can combine your favorite moves into a single attack. In addition to these weapons, your combat abilities are further enhanced with Essence Stones. They allow you to use unique and powerful attacks, which can be adapted to your preferred play style.

The sand control abilities that come from the Gauntlet aren’t limited to shapeshifting. Check out three skills you can also use to traverse the world of Atlas with speed and power, as well as interact with specific objects and structures.

air dash: can be used in the air, channeling Essence around you to propel yourself forward and glide without falling. With this ability, it’s easy to reach a specific target, reach the next structure to land on, jump large gaps, and quickly advance long distances.

Raise: it allows the lifting of large structures and objects buried in the ground, thanks to the substance present in the sand. This ability is essential for discovering hidden treasures and buried ruins, as well as creating new paths over elevated structures and even uncovering forgotten paths.

crush: it allows you to break seals and magical chains to gain access to forbidden lands — a necessary step to further your journey and change the history of Atlant.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the fun of sand casting Atlas Fallen, available May 16th on PlayStation 5. Pre-order now and get the bonus Ruin Rising Pack DLC!

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