‘Naples War’: Atalanta and Red Star ultras go head-to-head – Champions League

Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt meet this Wednesday in the Champions League. But what he has seen in the Italian city has nothing to do with football. In addition, Italian journalists point out that the events of this afternoon resemble a guerilla city, such as the abundance of confrontations in every corner and the high level of violence.

But let’s go back to the 1st leg of this millionaire competition duel. After violent clashes in Frankfurt before, during and after a game won by the Neapolitans 2-0, Italy’s interior ministry has ruled that German fans are banned from the stadium. Despite this restriction, and as is usual in these cases, fans of the German flag still traveled and many of them even managed to get tickets, since the tickets were bought by Atalanta members.

Now this explosive equation led to what we saw throughout the day – many outbreaks of violence, many clashes and the difficulties of the Italian authorities to control all these foci of unrest.

The German supporters gathered in the center of the city, very close to Via Calata Trinità Maggiore, starting a real “raid” on everything in the street – ordinary citizens but also all the commerce in the heart of the city. Along with them, quite a bit of fondness for Atalanta, who not only facilitated some tickets but also participated in the violence.

There are close to 600 elements scattered throughout the city, making the work of the Neapolitan Police very difficult. The largest group gathered near the Continental Hotel, since most of them stay at this hotel, always exhibiting aggressive behavior and randomly throwing bottles at passers-by.

And be careful, because this is the number of elements that the authorities have seen in violent actions, because it is believed that there are close to 7 thousand German supporters in the city.

The authorities immediately put 800 elements on the streets, to monitor all the explosive situations that have occurred and emphasize in the communication they make on the networks that there are no major problems, which is contrary to the dental scenario that reaches us through the media.

Confirm the rules with the help of Atalanta

As we have already seen, it was the Atalanta ultras who tried to get tickets for Eintracht Frankfurt fans. With a total ban on German citizens buying tickets, the way around this situation was found to be to ask the men of Atalatanta to buy tickets. And, according to information coming through the networks, more than 400 tickets are currently in the hands of Frankfurt fans.

Moment of intense violence in bus attack

They arrived on Italian soil earlier this week and today traveled from Bergamo, Salerno and Bari to Naples. At the base of this action is the friendship between the ultras of the two clubs, united by left-wing political motivations, evident in the constant prominence of the figure of Che Guevara.

Members of Red Star Belgrade, a Serbian club whose ultras have an umbilical relationship with Napoli, may also turn up in town to support the cause of the Italian ‘friends’.

The German fans defied the Italian authorities

Another concern of the authorities is related to the fact that German supporters are considered “wealthy”, meaning they have the purchasing power to stay in the city for more days than the average supporter. Which leaves everyone and everything on alert in the city of Naples, due to the obvious difficulties in controlling ‘tourists’ who no one knows for sure who they are and how they are present in the city.

Real chaos has reigned in the city, with various factions clashing and which will continue to wreak havoc after tonight’s game.

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