March 28, 2023

MultiVersus has lost almost 100% of its players since its release

MultiVersus, which launched in July last year and proved to be a real hit in the early days, is far from living up to the hype among gamers and has seen numbers drop drastically since its launch. Figures presented by SteamDB this week showed that the game had around 1,000 players online in the last few days..

On the first day of release, the game was a huge success, with over 143,000 players on Steam. That number rose to 153,433 the next day. After a month, Warner Bros. stated that the game had already been downloaded and played by over 20 million players, indicating a strong player base and ripe for growth.

The number shown last week is somewhat low, especially compared to the game’s early records. Compared to the early days of MultiVersus, the game saw a 93.3% drop in players. The figures are even more alarming when you consider that this entire decline was recorded in less than seven months.

During the game’s first season, five new characters were released, including Rick, Morty, Gizmo, Stripe, and Black Adam. These characters were released over a period of about two months, from late August to late October. However, the same work did not appear from the developer in the following months.

Players are asking for more content for MultiVersus

Players have been complaining on social media about the game’s second season content, which may have contributed to the drop in player numbers. However, since the start of Season 2 on November 15th, only one new character, Marvin the Martian, has been released for nearly three months.

The game’s third season, which was scheduled to launch last Tuesday (14), has been pushed back by developer PlayerFirst Games to March 31. The reasoning behind the delay was to give players more time to complete the Season 2 Battle Pass. However, the decision was met with disapproval from players, who were looking forward to the arrival of new characters in the game with the new season.


The character is the twenty-third to join Warner Bros. Games

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