“Miracle”. She thought it was constipation and ended up giving birth at home

UA woman says she found out she was pregnant as soon as she went into labor while at home in Warrington, England last January.

“I thought I was constipated, but I was actually going into labor. I felt like I needed to go to the toilet, but obviously I didn’t – it was the contractions, which were happening every ten minutes. I didn’t know I was pregnant, which is rare, and she [a filha] was born inside the amniotic sac, which is apparently also rare”he explained to the British press.

According to Emily Graham, she woke up with a strong urge to go to the bathroom, and her boyfriend ended up doing a Google search, noting that the symptoms could mean she was in labor. As the pain did not stop, they ended up calling an ambulance. Isabelle was born minutes after the team arrived, in her parents’ bed. “If he had arrived two minutes later, it would have been my friend who did the delivery,” the woman added.

She also told the press that after this happened, her boyfriend told her that there was a day when he felt the baby while he was sleeping. The child’s father, however, did not believe it would be a baby, but a movement inside the young woman’s body.

“I got the shock of my life, honestly. Grabbing her for the first time was amazing, there’s no other moment in my life like it. It was a mess, but I remember that place.”he emphasized.

The young woman says she had no symptoms to suggest she was pregnant and that although she wanted to become a mother, she had already been told it might not be easy due to a medical condition she has. Emily didn’t use any form of birth control, but she wasn’t surprised by her lack of periods because she had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Aside from these issues, which led her to never suspect pregnancy, Emily says she led a normal life, drinking, though not excessively, and doing other things like traveling. If the baby was born around nine months, this means, according to what the mother explains, that he has already been on a roller coaster, since in September last year, the couple went to Florida, in the United States, where they were at an amusement park .

“We love roller coasters and we’re obsessed with Disney. We’ve ridden a spectacular coaster three times,” he confessed.

“It’s a miracle, they told me I can’t have children. [ela e o noivo] about having children and we were disappointed, but we thought “if it happens, great, if not, let’s move on”. But we are very happy now,” he concluded. Isabelle was born weighing more than 2.5 kg, and will be a healthy child. After the birth, mother and daughter were taken to hospital, with doctors saying it was likely the pregnancy was full term.

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