March 30, 2023

Metalúrgica de Braga raises €100 to all workers to ‘defend them against inflation’

Peixoto Rodrigues, a metallurgist from Braga, has increased the wages of all its workers by €100, raising the minimum wage to €850 (€90 above the mandatory) with the aim of “defending them against inflation”, it was announced today.

In a statement sent to O MINHO, Peixoto Rodrigues points out that, “at the beginning of this year, it increased the salaries of all its employees by 100 euros, increasing the company’s minimum wage to 850 euros, enhancing care in value and motivating them workers. their people’.

Peixoto Rodrigues employs 42 workers.

Photo: DR

“This measure is an attempt to help workers against the continuous increase in inflation,” the announcement emphasizes.

The Braga-based metallurgical company’s benefits policy “includes several initiatives”, including offering a “15th salary based on sales targets and individual performance of each employee”.

It also offers training and professional development programs, initiatives to promote the health and well-being of its employees. training for continuous improvement in work-related and personal development; has an “Ideas Committee” where, every month, employees’ best ideas are discussed to ensure they move forward, with employees rewarded for their contributions · offers Christmas, Easter and birthdays and gives a birth kit to the newborn children of employees. distributes school supplies. and, daily, offers breakfast to all employees, among other initiatives.

Photo: DR

The wage increase is yet another “concrete action to enhance the well-being and quality of life of its employees.” “The main objective of this measure is to help employees cope with the scenario of generalized price increases and a reduction in purchasing power,” the company’s management defends, as stated in the announcement.

Peixoto Rodrigues is active in the field of metallurgy and more specifically in the sale of steel products.

With 67 years on the market, the company from Braga produces, among other things, sheets, profiles, general and structural pipes.

It also provides services such as cutting and bending, plate calendering and bending of pipes and thin profiles.

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