MEO has new prices! Find out how much more you’ll pay…

As we have reported, the price of telecommunication operators’ services will shoot up to 7.8%. MEO and NOS are the first to increase service prices and Vodafone has also confirmed it will increase, but only from March.

Find out now how much more MEO communication/internet services will cost you.

MEO: Find out how much you'll pay for new services

MEO was the first company to announce that it will increase account prices as early as February 2023. Altice Portugal updated MEO prices, however fixed voice only customers and retirees with an exit plan are excluded from this increase .

MEO's price update is "set out in our customer contracts", which sees it adjusted to the inflation rate (IPC) to a minimum price of 50 cents. You can consult MEO's new prices here.

MEO has new prices!  Find out how much more you'll pay...

All providers are preparing to increase the prices of their products and services, which may reach up to 7.8%. MEO and NOS have already increased their prices from today. Vodafone only next month.

With these increases, Portugal will have one of the most expensive services in Europe. DECO - Consumer Association has sent a letter to Anacom - National Communications Association, as it has some doubts about meeting deadlines and amendments to consumer contracts. However, Luís Pisco, a lawyer at Deco, says there is not much that can be done.

What can consumers do?

Speaking to CNN Portugal, Luís Pisco says that...

    • The first thing you should do is consult your contract and confirm whether it does, in fact, include the clause providing for the possibility of updates according to the INE Consumer Price Index
    • If your contract provides for a fixed monthly payment for a certain period of time (eg 24 months), which is considered loyalty, the legality of the increase may be disputed.
    • Ask the operator for personal communication with specific information about the amount of the increase and the final amount to be paid
    • Confirm the date you were notified of the change: notification must be given 30 days in advance.
    • Check whether what is proposed is an update (based on the INE Consumer Price Index) or a change to the contract
    • If you are unemployed, have a long-term illness or are emigrating, you can cancel your contract with your telecommunications provider
    • Families with low incomes or special social needs can apply for social internet.

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