Meghan and Sophie’s strange relationship

Meghan’s strange relationship with Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh is well known. From the beginning the two women had their ups and downs, with Sophie playing a mediating role. An attitude that even charmed Queen Elizabeth II.

In recent days, after the appointment of the new titles of Edward and his wife, the British press echoed the statements of some close friends of the wife of the youngest son of Elizabeth II. According to friends, the Duchess of Edinburgh is “relieved” not to have to bow to Harry’s wife.

Meghan and Sophie’s strange relationship

Information that turns out to be quite strange considering that only kings receive bows from other royals. However, this news might make you think that the relationship between the two is very bad, but it is not. In fact, Sophie was always very friendly with Meghan and invited her to tea at Bagshot, her official residence. That day he realized that they would never be close friends, although, strangely enough, they had a lot in common.

“They got on great but Sophie felt they would never be the best of friends,” explained sources close to the then Countess of Wessex. The reason has to do with Meghan’s unconventional view of the royal family. “Let’s just say Meghan seemed to have her own agenda,” they said. According to the book “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait” by Gyles Brandreth, Queen Elizabeth hoped that Sophie would be Meghan’s mentor upon her arrival in the British royal family, as she believed that the Duchess of Edinburgh’s experiences with the British media they could help the Duchess. of Sussex.

Meghan ignored Elizabeth II and disparaged Sophie

In an extract from the book, the Queen advised Meghan to seek out Sophie as she immediately realized that Harry’s fiancée may have felt adjusting to royal life was “a challenge at first”.

Advice that Meghan Markle didn’t take, as she didn’t seem interested in building a closer relationship with her future aunt. As Brandreth writes in the book, “Meghan made it clear that she didn’t feel like she needed Sophie’s help. She had Harry. A reaction from the American actress that worried the then sovereign, who was interested in making her transition to the British Royal House as smooth as possible. Elizabeth II attributed Meghan’s disdain for Sophie to turmoil before the wedding. However, and although they never encouraged a relationship in which the Duchess of Edinburgh mentored Meghan, the two maintained a cordial relationship.

Meghan and Sophie’s strange relationship

Sophie understands the media pressures the Duchess of Sussex has had to deal with because she has experienced them herself. As he confessed in an interview with The Times, it took him a while to adjust to the fact that his in-laws were members of the royal family. Moreover, in the beginning, the press followed her everywhere. Sophie was Elizabeth II’s favorite daughter-in-law, they had a very special relationship and the sovereign knew the conciliatory and conciliatory nature of her youngest son’s wife.

In fact, they were spotted sharing a car at the Queen’s funeral in September. It’s also true that, with Sophie, Meghan doesn’t feel as tense as she does with her brothers-in-law, the Princes of Wales. So, given the circumstances of how things were between the Sussexes and the royal family after Megxit, Sophie was able to play that compromising role and co-exist peacefully with Harry’s wife.

However, Meghan was above it all. The low profile of Harry’s younger uncles has nothing to do with the Sussexes. Sophie, the latest Windsor trying to take over the American family, may also be unavailable.

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