‘MasterChef Portugal’: Contestant leaves the competition

The show of “MasterChef Portugal” was dedicated to love and started with very special guests – Paula Lobo Antunes and Jorge Corrula.

In the first challenge, the aspiring “MasterChef Portugal” teamed up to create a romantic menu for the passionate pair of guests. Alexander, who bested Bruno in the Elimination Test in the previous program, had several advantages. He chose which couples would work together and which candidate would cook alone.

He chose Rita as his partner, joined Sahima with Grace, Lionel with Imaginary and Ana was left without a partner. Alexander he still had to decide which dishes each colleague cooked. Ana did the appetizer, Rita and Alexander the fish dish, Sahima and Grace the meat dish and Imaginario and Lionel the dessert. But the challenges were constant and this test did not allow the would-be MasterChef to cook at the same time, but alternately, over a period of 10 minutes, tied back to back.

In addition to their animal protein journey, duo Sahima and Grace were asked to shine with a vegetarian dish for Paula Lobo Antunes. In the end, the vegetarian dish ended up being the star of the dinner and gave the duo an undisputed victory.

This was followed by a team competition in the MasterChef restaurant, which opened with an à la carte menu. Candidates were responsible for all mise-en-place and services. Sahima and Grace, who won the previous match, were the captains of the team. Sahima led the red team, consisting of Alexandre and Imaginario. Grace, on the other hand, was in charge of the blue team, consisting of Rita, Lionel, and Ana.

In the kitchen, Chef Ricardo and Chef Noélia took charge of each team and, at the end, after an intense service, the chefs chose the candidates from each team who were least comfortable to go to the Elimination Test. Everyone felt very motivated, but there were also those who could not overcome the challenge.

In the preliminary round of “MasterChef Portugal”, fire was the key ingredient and dictated the course of the final challenge of the week. Chef Alexandre Silva, from the restaurant Fogo e Loco, was the special guest, being the great inspiration for the candidates to create a dish using tobacco as an ingredient.

Aspirants on the terrace gave a unique advantage to one of their colleagues: they spoke with Chef Alexander for 5 minutes before the tasting. Grace was chosen and asked for advice on the protein she wanted to cook: the chickpea. Even with all the insecurity she showed during the challenge, Grace ended up wowing the judges with her dish – smoked saffron with white sauce and apple. Despite Imaginary Having gotten too comfortable with the race, he fell short of expectations, thus dropping out of the competition.

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