Mark is 63 years old, wears skirts and high heels. The engineer says clothes don’t define his sexuality

“Heterosexual, cisgender, Porsche fan and I love wearing heels and skirts on a daily basis!” This is how Mark Bryan presents himself on his Instagram account. He is 63 years old from Dallas, Texas and is a robotics engineer. For five years now, on a daily basis, she has changed her trousers for a nice skirt and her mariners for heels. He is a fan of Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” is his fashion icon.

Mark currently has 614,000 followers on Instagram. Although he is supported by many, he admits that he receives disapproving looks in public, he has already been called “gay” and on the other hand he has already been accused of being on the opposite side of the struggle of the LGBTQIA+ community. Disagreeing, the influencer explains that the way he dresses has nothing to do with his gender or sexuality. “I fight for everyone to have the freedom to dress how they want.”

According to the “Daily Mail”, although he has always been careful with his appearance, Mark’s curiosity to explore the fluidity of fashion began in college. His style was influenced by the band Kiss whose members, already in the 70s, used platform shoes (with heels). But it wasn’t until he was 21, in college, that he tried on some stilettos from the girl he was dating at the time.

He started using them just to play with his girlfriend while they danced around the house and Mark says it always felt like a natural, he didn’t even have problems with his balance. Today she wears skirts without qualms and says she only wears heels when she’s on the soccer field.

Five years ago he started wearing more feminine pieces and explains that after 20 years of wearing a suit and tie he got bored. In 2015 she took a small (big) step, she decided she would start wearing heels with the suit. “My colleagues joked ‘one day Mark will wear a dress,’ but they didn’t know that in 2018 I would be wearing one,” the engineer said.

The influencer, who has been married for 11 years and has three children with whom he lives in Crailsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, encourages everyone not to hold back when it comes to trying on what is said to be a more feminine outfit. or male because “clothes have no gender.” He has the support of his family and his wife helps and advises him when they go shopping.

Check out some of Mark Bryan’s looks

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