March 27, 2023

Marina Ruy Barbosa wears R$8.5k sequined shoes

30 Jan
– 10:13 am

(updated at 10:36 am)

Brightness is a strong trend. He was a constant presence at the fashion trendsetters’ shows. And how about focusing on the feet? that’s what you did Marina Rui Barbosawith nothing but basic black and platform shoes full of sequins.

Marina Rui Barbosa

Marina Rui Barbosa

Photo: @marinaruybarbosa/Instagram/Reproduction / Them on the red carpet

What does Marina Ruy Barbosa look like?

Silver, in leather and block high heels, costs BRL 8,445 on the Farfetch website. It is from the brand Giambattista Vallifor which the actress walked the runway as a bride at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week last week.

The monochromatic look consisted of a ribbed high-neck blouse and two pieces also with a glossy effect: velvet trousers and a wet-effect jacket.

The hair was loose and straight. Makeup followed the light suggestion.

Marina Rui Barbosa

Marina Rui Barbosa

Photo: @marinaruybarbosa/Instagram/Reproduction / Them on the red carpet

Tips to get inspired by the look

#ficaadica1: Shine tends to add bulk. So leave it on areas you want to enhance, never on those you intend to cover up. If you do not give up the pore throughout the look, but want to avoid the effect of increasing measurements, a tip to favor the silhouette is to choose tones that are more closed or more matte.

#ficaadica2: Monochrome is a trend and helps to elongate, because there is no visual interruption.

#ficaadica3: THE velvet it is a thin fabric. So be careful when storing it. Try to leave it hanging as the folds can mark it. Keep them inside out, so you don’t get hair from other pieces. And, if it’s wrinkly, leave the clothes hanging in the bathroom while you shower, as the hot steam helps remove the marks.

#ficaadica4: its trend makeup light and natural look is with everything. It comes without exaggerations, preferring corrected skin and light tones in the eyes and mouth.

Marina on the catwalk in Paris

The Brazilian walked the runway at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris on January 23rd. “I am the bride of Giambattista Valli. I walked in haute couture. I have no words to describe this moment. I only know how to cry, without words,” she tweeted. The non-classic white look features a peaked skirt, long-sleeved bolero with embroidered flowers and a tulle veil.

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