March 30, 2023

“Marie Kondo never talked about perfection. She adapted the house to her new life”

Marie Kondo has spoken with her latest confessions. “Up until now I was a professional organizer, so I did everything I could to keep my house organized at all times,” the well-known organization consultant told the Washington Post. “I gave up, pretty much,” she added, realizing that her life had changed a lot after becoming a mother for the third time last year.

Social media was full of people joking about it, saying that even Marie Kondo had given in to disorganization and stopped being “perfect”.

However, as Rafaela Garcez, a professional organizer who trained with the Japanese celebrity in 2019, assured, the KonMari method was never about “perfection,” quite the opposite.

Marie Kondo never talked about perfection. She simply stopped having things the way she had and became more flexible. This happens to all my clients. Any change that happens in our home there is always a need to adapt and homes, above all, are meant to be lived in, they are not spotless spaces. This idea of ​​having an organized house and a perfect house does not exist,” assures the author of the book “Arrume a Casa, Organize as Emotions.”

Rafaela reveals that when she graduated with Marie Kondo, she learned little about organization, but a lot about “empathy” and “respect” for everyone’s process. “It’s respect for your time, your objects, your home”she argues, noting that while she’s no longer a consultant for the KonMari method, she’s carried great lessons into her career.

“Basically it’s questionable what brings us happiness in our home. What objects bring us joy? The beauty of the method is its simplicity. There were people who didn’t even know what brought them joy in life, let alone objects. This question led to a great deal of internal questioning,” he reflects.

Rafaela guarantees that “perfection does not exist, much less perfect homes”, simply homes that need to be organized to become the space the owner wants.

“It is common for this to happen: we start in the morning and think that in one day we will organize a house that has never been organized. We have to make decisions and this is not always easy,” he acknowledges.

Where should one start to organize the home?

The first step, the interviewee underlines, “will always be to question what we use and what we don’t use, releasing what is not necessary.”

“An organized home doesn’t need to have labels, boxes and organizers everywhere, but the essentials, which are what make us happy”he explains, stressing that the “maintenance” of spaces is always necessary.

“This organization must be reviewed from time to time, because we are always changing. Our lives are always changing and the organization must accompany our changes. It’s all about adaptation and that’s what’s happening with Marie Kondo right now. She adjusted the house to her new life and stopped being so demanding.“, he assures.

Rafaela also gives another valuable tip for those who want to organize their home: “Start with why. What will the organization of the house bring us?. One of the biggest struggles I see people have is starting and then giving up halfway through. And when we give up in the middle of an organizing process, the house is very disorganized, worse than it already was.”

“We need to dedicate time and energy. How much time do I have available to organize my home? What are my motivations? A lighter daily life? Easier maintenance? Reaching a new baby? Understanding the why behind organizing,” complete.

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