Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Cayetano Rivera: friends since… 2019!

The romance between Maria Cerqueira Gomes, 39, and Cayetano Rivera, 46, continues to make headlines in Portugal and Spain.

The relationship that will have started a few months ago is something for discussion but the truth is that the two have known each other for quite some time.

It was May 2019, more precisely on May 28 – the presenter’s birthday – when the two sat down, face to face, for a revealing interview for the first time the bullfighter entered the national arena, on the occasion of the tribute to Joaquim Bastounias .

In the center of Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, the Spaniard was answering questions from Maria Cerqueira Gomes while, alongside Manuel Luís Goucha, he was leading the TVI programme, “Você na TV”.

Maria and Cayetano in the center of Campo Peqeuno, where the interview took place

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The conversation would air days later – on June 3 – when the communicator took to Instagram to mark the moment she had met the bullfighter.

“A day of work that ends now with an interview with Cayetano Rivera! Muchas gracias, Cayetano! And thank you all so much for the texts and calls and everything and everything and everything! All day!” she captioned a picture of the two.

discreet romance

The Spanish publication “caught” the couple in an atmosphere of great complicity

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Almost four years later, the now friends are reunited and admiration will have given way to love.

According to the magazine ‘Semana’, the presenter was recently in Seville, where she had a romantic dinner with the bullfighter.

The same publication states that Maria Cerqueira Gomes’ travels to Spain were continuous.

Recently, the host of ‘Conta-me’ shared a somewhat puzzling story where it was reported that she had “620 kilometers driving”… maybe after visiting most of them all.

The sharing of Maria Cerqueira Gomes, the day after the publication of the novel

It should be remembered that, like Cayetano, who separated a little more than six months ago from Eva González – mother of five-year-old Cayetano -, his colleague Rúben Rua also ended the romance with the father of her youngest son, João (from the same age as the bullfighter’s son), António Miguel Cardoso.

Therefore, by all means, first of all, according to, in fact, than

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