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Majestic. The Mango dress that will make you feel like a Greek goddess

Over the years, several celebrities have worn similar suggestions on red carpets. A cut with a history of more than a millennium.

No one can resist this style.

Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton, Tracee Ellis Ross, Connie Britton, Margot Robbie. What do these women have in common? Aside from household names, they all love a good cape dress, with flowing and sophisticated detailing on the back. If there’s one thing that’s never missing on a red carpet, it’s these suggestions that suit every body type and size.

Capes have been a fashion staple for over a thousand years and their origins are unknown. In 1066 there were already illustrations of soldiers and shepherds wearing them on their shoulders. In medieval times, in the 1300s, there is a portrait of a woman wearing the same garment, this time attached to the collar of her dress.

Apart from this, the Greek goddess style also continues to be highly adored by millions of women. Chanel, Valentino and Dior are some of the examples of brands that have already copied this ethereal look in different pieces of clothing. Fortunately, fast fashion brands also have items in their stores that will make you feel confident and of course, like a goddess.

At Mango, we find a dress that unites both aesthetics, thus creating a very sophisticated piece. But don’t let that fool you: the highly visible opening at the back adds a good dose of edginess. This detail makes this proposal a good choice for the hottest days of summer, as there is a way for air to circulate there — thus preventing that feeling of claustrophobia.

It will release a new confidence in you.

The satin fabric, which offers fluidity and lightness, makes it a sure bet for all women, with different body types. At the same time, if you like more modest models, the long length will be another positive point. This material, which was one of the big trends of the 90s, gives the piece a more sensual look.

The dress isn’t one of Mango’s cheapest, but the €59.99 investment will pay off when you try it on and feel a new confidence that only fashion can create. As we said, it’s friendly to all body types, which is evident in the number of sizes available — from XS (which is almost sold out) to XL. It can be purchased online or in physical stores.

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It costs €99.95 at Massimo Dutti.

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