Luana Piovani cries on video and says she was “stabbed” by her son

largeuana Piovani resorted again to the social network Instagram to publicly comment on the legal dispute with her ex-partner, Pedro Scooby. Flushed with tears, it was in this way that the Brazilian actress launched an emotional outburst in which she claims she was “stabbed” by her son.

“[…] I finally feel insecure. I find at last that, besides this dagger I received, and besides this other [punhal] here [o outro ombro]put on by a child, not even knowing what he was doing, instructed to stab her motherhere comes another [disse ao apontar para o outro ombro novamente]”, he lamented.

Luana was apparently referring to recent statements made on social media by her eldest son, Dom, 10. The boy said that “some people may be on your side, but children are not.”

Although fragile and, admittedly, afraid of the path the process could take in court, the Brazilian actress was convinced that she must continue to fight for her rights as a mother.

“I think somebody is really pulling the rug out from me, I’m talking about children, love, care, mother’s responsibility… Then I, the owner of the circus, tied me to those wooden logs that hold the point higher than the circus tent, and they set fire to the circus”, can still be heard in the video, in which he also makes a new reference to the Portuguese courts – where the procedure brought against him by the ex-husband will take place.

“Despite the fact that we have good lawyers and help, when a case goes to a judge, despite the fact that the parties can do their duty, through lawyers, it is in the hands of a person who does not know you, does not know you. your story and within it has its own story, where it grew up, how it grew into what it believes. And we’re talking about a country like Portugal, where a judge orders a woman who was assaulted by her partner to have dinner with him,” he added.

Pedro Scooby recently launched a court case aimed at condemning the “ex” for publicly revealing the lives and family problems of both of their three children together, Dom, 10, and twins Bem and Liz. six. The surfer can also request a review of joint custody.

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