Lots of brightness and colors at Leader’s booth on instagram in Niterói

Space with Halloween decoration is in 4 stores and is part of the company’s strategy to offer the customer a more relaxed space

It is with a lot of brightness and many colors that Leader customers will find the instagrammable booth set up in 4 stores of the chain. A carnival themed venue where revelers can take pictures and enjoy the most fun time of the year. The kiosks are present in the shops on Rua Uruguaiana, Norte Shopping, Through Center is from icaraíthe last two in Niterói.

The cabin is part of the new marketing plan, which has been redesigned and now uses language that is closer to its target audience. “We bet on actions that attract the public to the store, and the kiosk is an irreverent and fun way to make people feel more comfortable in the space”explained Mauro Correiamarketing director of the company.


Party leader invests in slow fashion

Leader made a different proposal for this year’s carnival collection. The company brought looks assembled from pieces that are not specific suits. The idea is to show that it is possible to reframe these looks to be used not only during Carnival, but also on other occasions. It is what the fashion market calls slow fashion, a movement that supports the consumption of pieces that are more timeless and versatile and unlikely to be thrown away after a short period of use.

“We showed that it is possible to wear a swimsuit, a colorful skirt and add basic accessories to make the look more appropriate to enjoy Carnival. And these same pieces can be used in other contexts. The idea is to see clothes not as a disposable object, but something to think about consciously.”he pointed out zone. All the clothes of the collection can be purchased in physical stores, on the website (www.lojasleader.com.br/) or via whatsapp (21) 2018-0551. Anyone who wants makeup tips for Carnival and to know more about the new collections can access Instagram @leaderleader. There you can also see the latest episodes of Papo Leader, in addition to all the offers and promotions.

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