March 30, 2023

Look at the transparency Isis Valverde uses in a fashion event that divides opinion on the web

Paris fashion week ended last Tuesday (7) and some famous Brazilians did not go unnoticed there. Actress Isis Valverde, for example, checked the brand’s launches for the Fall/Winter 2023/2024 season at the invitation of the Dior brand.

Check out Isis Valverde who got the networks talking

Check out Isis Valverde who got the networks talking

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And it was while attending Paco Rabanne’s show, which paid tribute to the Spanish designer, that Isis wore a sheer black tank top with high-waisted floral shorts. To complete the production, a voluminous coat with the same print. Italian influencer and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni chose the same piece to compose the look she wore at the presentation. She combined the outfit with a long black skirt and posted her look this Wednesday (8), on Instagram. Like the Brazilian, the Italian also received criticism and praise on the social network.

Online reactions to the transparent appearance of Isis Valverde

On social networks, Isis shared the opinion of netizens that she wore clothes without a bra and left her breasts exposed.

“Just for fashion. I want to see the worker take a bus like this,” reads one comment. “In today’s world where women are demanding and fighting for rights and respect, I don’t see the point of launching clothes that show the body. It goes against everything they say,” criticized another. “The beauty of revealing clothes is good underwear. The beauty of nudity is not wearing clothes at the right time and place,” says a third. “Unnecessary and vulgar,” adds one.

“Guys, no one is telling you to wear the tank top like this. During fashion week, ideas are presented, it’s really to get attention” (sic), explained one netizen. “This is a fashion show, it’s just to show a trend. In everyday life, no problem wearing it with something underneath, it will show off the piece even more,” warns another.

Italy’s Chiara also faces criticism for the regatta

The Italian businesswoman posted her look at Paris Fashion Week this Wednesday (8), International Women’s Day, and she wasn’t immune to criticism of her look. “Enough with those exposed breasts,” one of her followers commented. “Very provocative,” said another. “What’s the use of showing your breasts all the time? This is no longer freedom for women. But it’s vulgarity,” one Instagram user wrote. But the comments were not limited to criticism. “Wonderful Woman” and “Belíssima” appeared repeatedly among them.

After all, transparency is vulgar?

See-through pieces have become a trend in different styles, showing that it is possible to adapt them to different occasions. It is ideal for anyone who wants to show off and emphasize any part of the body. And if before it was seen as vulgar, today it can refer to elegance.

It is worth noting that the historical root of transparency is connected to Ancient Egypt, when linen tunics were used, a material that was once again in great demand. The concept remains constant, but it has been renewed by a textile industry that has advanced too much.

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