March 29, 2023

Learn how fashion and beauty companies are investing to win at Carnival

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Sustainable makeup: Quem Disse, Berenice?, by Grupo Boticário, and Beats, by Ambev, renew their collaboration and launch a new exclusive collection for this year’s Carnival (Credit: Disclosure)

In the first Carnival without restrictions after the pandemic, expectations are high. The Ministry of Tourism predicts that 46 million people will enjoy the festivities across the country, and the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) predicts that the event will generate BRL 8.1 billion. Surfing this wave are the big fashion retailers.

According to the executive director of the Associação Brasileira do Varejo Têxtil (ABVTEX), Edmundo Lima, two reasons work together for companies to see the date as a good business opportunity. The first is the institutionalization of the street carnival in large cities, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, which every year receive more investment, increase in the number of participants and in structure.

The second reason to invest in Carnival is the time of year it is, a weak period for sales, after promotions are over and collections are changing. “In recent years, this topic has gained relevance with the availability of products in brands, including more precise design, with the development of a complete range that meets consumer expectations,” said Lima.

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Carnival veteran Riachuelo is launching his 13th year this yearThe date-centered collection. There are 40 items including women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories, all with lots of glitter, animal print and licensed characters. According to Riachuelo’s director of shopping and style, Claudia Albuquerque, the participation of the big Brazilian party increases the performance of the company, even doubling the number of models offered from one year to the next. “Whatever’s in our consumer’s best interest is in our best interest, and Carnival is gaining more and more sales power and has already become one of the main periods for retail,” he said.

With a greater focus on the male audience, Reserva also fell into a frenzy. For the second year, the company has invested in a collection in collaboration with the Mangueira samba school, in Rio de Janeiro. Green and pink, school colors, dominate the creations, which have gone to the sportier side. A total of 15 men’s and five women’s pieces are available. “We have seen Carnival as a good sales opportunity as it is the first major event of the year,” said style coordinator at Reserva, Felipe Castro.


One of the challenges for brands is to produce collections that are long-lasting, in line with the industry’s sustainability goals. This was Hope Resort’s proposal in its third carnival bet. The company created modeled bikinis and swimwear with more coverage and neon colors, but kept the style of the pieces within the athleisure context (a hybrid style that combines gym and casual wear) in which they are placed, so they can be used in other situations.

This is the brand’s first launch in collaboration with influencer Shantal Verdelho, creative director of Hope Resort from August 2022. “We prepared with the Beach Folia collection to offer our consumers a style that reflects the energy of that date, with comfortable pieces, versatile and with lots of fashion information,” said Grupo Hope Associate Director Sandra Chayo.

Sustainability is also in the composition of Quem Disse, Berenice?, by Grupo Boticário. In their collection there is even an eco glitter without plastic in the composition. The brand also re-teams with Beats, from drinks giant Ambev. Creating period exclusives still takes context into account. “Consumers will be exposed to heat and sweat, which reinforces the need for makeup with durability and high pigmentation, which guarantees color and brightness to meet the expectations of revelers,” said makeup marketing director at Quem Disse, Berenice ?, Mirele. Martinez.

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