March 28, 2023

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Your favorite color as well Barbie is it pink If so, your moment to shine has arrived! You can play with all the pink pieces you have in your wardrobe that are on trend. Barbiecore it’s a hit from late 2022. And it hits your wardrobe too. beauty because the doll is known to be a fashionista and a lover of it beauty.

The Barbiecore trend is on the rise this year

The Barbiecore trend is on the rise this year

Photo: Pexels/Antoni Shkraba, Eduardo Gorghetto/tadateen

If you didn’t have a doll Barbieyou have definitely felt to get it – and if it is still your dream, buy one without fear that you will be happy, in addition to the doll being renewed and very comprehensive, the collection of nostalgic items is extremely high, but this is a another subject.

What is the Barbiecore trend after all?

She’s pink from head to toe! to get into trend just combine pink pieces you have in your wardrobe and rock. And any shade of pink is fine, but the ones that are seen the most on the feeds and on the streets are: pinks, shades of pale pink, and shades of fuchsia.

And to explode this trend, the perfect team was the release of this iconic film Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. By the way, the prediction is that on June 21 everyone will be able to see the plot on the big screen.

And if you want to watch it in style, we’ve broken down some elements that can help you both fashion and to beauty. Check below:

for hand enamel

Haskel launched the color ‘Toda Barbiezinha’, a very vibrant shade of pink that reminds one of the Barbie doll just by looking at her. Thus, the packaging design is also exclusive to the brand, with an anatomical brush that is easy to spread, allowing an even result, associated with quick drying and long-lasting nails. The product sells for R$7.90.

If you like a more muted tone of pink, “Hitou na NFT” by Risqué has everything to steal your heart, the product has high strength and coverage, quick drying and hypoallergenic formula, without substances that can cause allergies . Like Haskel, it sells for R$7.90.

To compose your look

If your favorite piece is a good long sleeve bodysuit from Lounge Pink, it will win you over and not only for watching the movie, you can create other looks with it and wear it for life! The piece sells for R$42.

Is the bag the highlight of your look? Blue Star Group has released the Rafia Forest Soul Crossbody. Just by looking at the bag you can imagine Barbie wearing it, it’s all pink, semi-refined paper with stitches, it has adjustable straps and it’s shoulder straps. It sells for R$99.90.

Now if jewelry is your forte, Pandora has launched a ring that taps into the Barbiecore trend. The piece has a pink heart, has a spiral detail in gold and to have this piece in the collection you will need to invest R$1,449.

barbiecore beauty

To bring your hair care into the trend, Amend has launched the Rose Blonde shade mask. Pigments lighten bleached and dyed blonde hair, enhancing rose reflections. The cosmetic prolongs the shine, preserves the color and contains sunscreen. Without parabens, ammonia and oxidants. Dermatologically tested. It sells for R$40.80.

Still thinking about her locks, the Mondial dryer brush will bring back the nostalgia of the beauty items that accompanied the Barbie doll in the old days. The Dryer Brush By Juliette Mondial Golden Rose, has 1200 watts, is bivolt so you can carry it wherever you want and use it. In fact, it’s multi-functional, drying, smoothing and modeling, making it perfect for those days that call for practicality. Available for sale for R$260.91.

For the skin, Boticário has launched Cherry Free Body Moisturizer that promises to leave skin soft, silky, hydrated and fragrant. It retails for R$42.90 for a 200 ml package. And its use is not indicated in the intimate area.

Now if you want to be fragrant and fashionable, L’Occitane au Brésil has launched Eau de Parfum Pomar de Flores Buquê. Which is an intense floral women’s fragrance, its impressive performance consists of fruity notes, in addition to the floral bouquet and the elegant background of woody olfactory notes – all with a hint of musk. The product sells for R$194.90.

*The values ​​of the products included in this showcase are subject to change. Prices checked on January 24, 2023.

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